Tesla to Start Selling Solar Roof/Panels with Powerwall as Integrated Product, Boosting Storage Power by 50%

Tesla to Start Selling Solar Roof/Panels with Powerwall as Integrated Product, Boosting Storage Power by 50%

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Tesla will begin selling Solar Roof/Panels and Powerwall as an integrated product starting next week. After the software update, the company will be able to increase the Powerwall power by around 50%, depending on the date of manufacture and the ambient temperature.

Tesla's energy business often only becomes a topic of discussion when it comes to large energy storage facilities. But, not many think about the company's smaller, but powerful products—Solar Roof, Solar Panels, and Powerwall—which together can create a microgrid allowing owners to have their own utility. The company is now focused on ensuring that customers experience all the benefits of this symbiosis and will sell the Solar Roof/Panels with Powerwall only as an integrated product, Tesla Elon Musk announced.

In addition, Musk said that the peak and steady power capability of Powerwall 2 is better than advertised. Tesla has collected a lot of operational data, and now, the company can unlock new home storage capabilities for free with a software update due to be released next month. The new software update will increase the capabilities of Powerwall, increasing the power in some cases even more than 50%. However, it should be kept in mind that this will depend on the date of production of the product, as well as on the ambient temperature.

Over the past year, the demand for Tesla's solar and energy products has grown significantly as people strive for energy independence. Using Powerwall alone helped households during times of grid instability, however this in itself did not have a positive impact on the environment. Meanwhile, getting energy from the sun will significantly reduce dependence on power plants that pollute the environment. This is exactly what Tesla's goal is and now, the company feels confident that it can stimulate a large number of people to make this transition.

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