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Tesla's Paid Acceleration Boost Upgrade Tested in Twin Model 3 Drag Battle


Electric car owner-enthusiast @DirtyTesla tested the real muster of the automaker’s recent Acceleration Boost Upgrade by pitting two dual-motor AWD Model 3s against each other on the drag strip in a classic straight-line race. The results were very interesting. 

Tesla’s paid Acceleration Boost Update costs US$2,000 plus state taxes. With it, a dual-motor AWD Model 3 can run 0-60 mph in just 3.9 seconds instead of the previous 4.4 seconds. It's a slight increase in acceleration, but it speaks volumes when it comes to timed runs on the track and the tech that’s required for that .5 second lead. 

The tests conducted by the owner-enthusiast were informal and brief, but they do provide a good view of how effective Tesla's paid Acceleration Boost Update really was. Initial 0-60 mph tests immediately showed that the upgraded vehicle has gotten quicker, at one point even hitting 3.89 seconds. This difference only became more evident when the two dual-motor AWD Model 3s raced side-by-side. Without spoiling Dirty Tesla's video, it seems safe to say that Tesla's paid Acceleration Boost Upgrade is well worth its $2,000 cost. 

According to ARK analyst Sam Korus, the Acceleration Boost Update hints at Tesla’s advancements in battery tech and OTA updates. In terms of battery tech, the automaker seems to be far ahead of other traditional car manufacturers. These sentiments were voiced by New Street Research analyst Pierre Ferragu in late October during an interview with CNBC. Ferragu was asked to name a Tesla competitor closing in on the all-electric car maker in terms of innovation and development.

“I think nobody’s close [to Tesla] to be honest…Today in what manufacturers have on the road or have announced, nothing is matching the 2012 Tesla Model S, and the Model S today is actually 40 percent better than 7 years ago. So that’s how Tesla turn[ed] from being a disruptive innovator 7 years ago to actually an industry leader,” Ferragu answered

Tesla’s ultimate innovation and disruption in the auto industry can be seen in its Over-the-Air updates, which its competitors have yet to replicate. For instance, the Acceleration Boost Update was available for purchase online, it could be downloaded OTA, and Tesla owners could immediately see the difference in speed in their vehicles as shown in @DirtyTesla’s video.  

The Acceleration Boost Update is just the first of many paid software upgrades that Tesla could offer to owners. The company will likely make 100 percent profit from these paid OTA software updates, too, making it even more of an advantage for Tesla. 

The ultimate OTA software Tesla could make the most profit for is its Full Self-Driving suite with Autopilot. When compared to other features similar to it, Tesla’s FSD with Autopilot is more bang for the buck. For instance, the Ford F-150’s Adaptive Cruise Control costs the same as Tesla’s FSD suite. Both features are priced at US$7K. However, Ford’s Adaptive Cruise Control can only be utilized for a fraction of the capabilities Tesla’s basic Autopilot offers. Tesla’s FSD simply outclasses Ford’s Adaptive Cruise Control. 

Tesla Acceleration Boost reveals how the company will function in the future, which is more like a Software-as-a-Service provider. In this sense, Tesla will maintain its status as a developing tech firm that happens to produce all-electric vehicles, solar panels, and battery storage systems. With that in mind, it seems the next-gen automaker’s work is just beginning.  

Featured Image Credit: Dirty Tesla/YouTube

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