The network of charging stations for Tesla will become wider: Tesla and EVgo announced a new partnership

The network of charging stations for Tesla will become wider: Tesla and EVgo announced a new partnership

In the USA, Tesla uses its own proprietary connector in its vehicles. The company offers the CHAdeMO adapter, but the market for electric car charging stations is mostly moving towards CCS. As a result, Tesla owners have not yet gained access to some CCS fast charging stations from companies such as Electrify America or EVgo.

They are sometimes called “public charging stations” because Tesla Supercharger stations only work with Tesla vehicles.

In Europe, Tesla has used the CCS connector for Model 3 and offers a CCS adapter for its other vehicles, which gives European Tesla owners access to most third-party charging stations.

Source: EVgo Fast Charging Network / Twitter

Founded in 2010, EVgo is a market leader in developing, building, owning and operating the largest electric vehicle fast charging network in the United States. Its industry-leading footprint of more than 750 sites includes over 1,250 fast chargers and extends across 34 states.


In 2018, EVgo’s public fast charging network powered more than 75 million electric miles and offset an estimated 17,000 metric tons of carbon emissions. In 2019, EVgo became the first EV charging network in the U.S. to be powered by 100% renewable energy. Additional network capacity expansion underway will further accelerate EVgo’s contribution to decarbonizing the transportation sector, which has been identified by the Energy Information Administration as the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions.

On Thursday, December 19th, EVgo announced via Twitter that it will now accept any Tesla model as it begins to add company connectors at all public fast-charging stations in San Francisco.

EVgo confirmed collaboration with Tesla on the project:

“EVgo values the collaboration of Tesla in developing this program, and we look forward to exploring new ways to meet the charging needs of Tesla drivers. EVgo is committed to public fast charging for all, and we welcome feedback about how we can continue to improve the charging experience for all fast-charge vehicles.”

EVgo also announced that EVgo charging stations from 2020 will be available not only in San Francisco, but throughout the country:

“EVgo’s new program features integrated Tesla connectors installed at all EVgo public fast charging stations in the City of San Francisco. We expect the program to expand nationally from there in 2020. EVgo’s new integrated Tesla charging provides up to 90 miles of charge in about 30 minutes at one flat per minute rate, with no additional fees.”

This partnership is a well-designed move. So the owners of Tesla will be able to get new opportunities for charging cars. Despite the fact that Tesla has a very extensive network of its charging stations, sometimes customers may be forced to charge at another charging station closer to their location. Of course, given that the cost of charging on EVgo will most likely be higher than charging at Tesla's branded stations, the owners of Tesla will primarily prefer the Superсhargers.

Source: Tesla

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