Tesla Gigafactory 2 Buffalo Impressive Progress

Tesla Gigafactory 2 Buffalo Impressive Progress

Tesla will have to hire 1,460 people to its Giga New York before April 1, 2020. Assemblyman Sean Ryan says he wants Tesla to succeed.

"We'll see, but we know last summer they reported hiring 800 when they need to hire 1,460 by April," he says.

Ryan said Thursday, February 6, he plans to visit the Tesla factory. "I'll be talking with Tesla officials and get a better idea then. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to see a robust facility with a lot of employees and a lot of product," he said.

"We're happy Elon Musk had a secret visit last year, but we hope to walk into the factory and see a plan to hit employment numbers by April 1st. We're all rooting for Tesla to live up to its promise. We want WNY to be a solar hub and we want 1,400 people to have steady jobs, that's what we were promised," continued Ryan.

Today, Tesla enthusiast Earl of Frunkpuppy tweeted:

Yesterday, WBEN Radio had a phone call with Ryan, which on February 7 visited a factory in Buffalo. He said he was pleasantly surprised at the progress Tesla made at the Giga New York.

"The factory is built out. It has complete lines running, product moving around, people are there, so it's really transformed itself into what we've been hoping for," says Ryan. "I have to report I was pleasantly surprised," saying he was last there 15 months ago and saw a lot of empty space.

According to him, now the factory has a dozen lines with people working on them.

"We've been holding our breath since we put that big bet down on Tesla. They had a slow start, and I was worried as we're appoaching this spring they were going to hit their deadlines, but they're right on track," says Ryan.

He says the factory has undergone a complete transformation, and the progress Tesla made is really great for the economy.

Until the end of April, 1,460 workers will be hired to work at the plant. According to Ryan, now there are already 1,100 employees.

Tesla Q4 2019 report:

"In Q4, we continued to ramp both Solarglass Roof production as well as installations. In addition to Tesla installers, we have also partnered with several roofing companies to support installations to fulfill demand for Solarglass Roof.
After organizing several roofing company training days at our training homes in Fremont, we already demonstrated dramatically shorter installation times versus previous versions of this product. Solarglass tiles are made in our Gigafactory New York, and we are hiring hundreds of employees at this facility."

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