Tesla’s New Patent Reveals Cybertruck Possible Range of 600+ Miles & 21" Display

Tesla’s New Patent Reveals Cybertruck Possible Range of 600+ Miles & 21" Display

Tesla’s recently published patent ‘Context sensitive user interface for enhanced vehicle operation’ reveals that the Cybertruck's range could be over 600 miles. Given the manufacturer’s advances in battery life, this will be possible and a really big win.

Tesla recently published a number of patents that revealed some interesting details about Cybertruck. In the 'Context sensitive user interface for enhanced vehicle operation' patent published on May 27, Tesla describes displays and user interfaces. An interesting observation is that when describing the display, the company mentions its different sizes from 10” to 21” (10 inches, 13 inches, 15 inches, 17 inches, 21 inches). While Model 3 and Y have a 15” center display, Model S and X have 17”, it seems that the 21” size might be intended for Cybertruck. Considering the significantly larger interior of the pickup truck, it seems like a 21” display would be more in harmony with the vehicle and would be more convenient for the driver to use.

Another interesting observation was that the drawings added to the patent depicted the central display of Cybertruck. Closer inspection revealed that the screen indicated that the pickup's range was 610 miles. Of course, it should be understood that this information was placed in the figure as an example, and does not necessarily represent the real range of the car. However, the mention of such a range may also not be unfounded.

Figure illustrates an example user interface of a driving view while driving the vehicle in an “off-road” environment and also presenting drivetrain information. Source: Tesla patent

It should be noted that the figure shown could also indicate the remaining number of miles that Cybertruck can drive; that is, theoretically, its range could be even greater. Photos taken by MotorTrend prior to the unveiling of the pickup truck showed that its likely range could be 620 miles. Although it should also be taken into account that the display may indicate 610, but due to perspective, it seems to show 620.

In any case, at the moment, Tesla has presented three versions of Cybertruck:

  • Single Motor RWD Variant: 250+ miles (EPA EST.)
  • Dual Motor AWD Variant: 300+ miles (EPA EST.)
  • Tri-Motor AWD Variant: 500+ miles (EPA EST.)

The Tri-Motor variant's range indication is at 500+, which may have been the company's original plan. However, one year after the presentation, the manufacturer has introduced new 4680 cells that could ultimately have a significant impact on increasing the actual Cybertruck range to be released later this year.

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