Tesla Model 3 Wins Best Car for Families Award 2021, According to AutoTrader

Eva Fox by Eva Fox May 28, 2021

Tesla Model 3 Wins Best Car for Families Award 2021, According to AutoTrader

Photo: AutoTrader

Tesla Model 3 is the most popular electric vehicle in the world as it combines high performance, excellent quality, and reasonable price. Model 3 also earned the ‘Best Car for Families Award 2021,’ continuing to collect acclaim at AutoTrader.

In 2020, Model 3 became the overall winner and finalist in many different categories, according to AutoTrader. The car enjoys incredible success with the British automotive community, as evidenced by its widespread use on UK roads. This is the best proof that Tesla has been successful in its offering of electric vehicles to the general public.

The California-based EV-only manufacturer was able to optimize Model 3's packaging, making it the perfect family car. With plenty of storage space and an interior that remains spacious, Model 3 can comfortably accommodate a large family and their belongings.

However, the presence of a comfortable spacious interior and storage space are not the only advantages of Model 3. The car is not only practical, but "it's also fast and, most importantly, cool." Model 3 owners are delighted with everything in the car, which adds a significant amount of points. One of the Model 3 owners said: "The fact that it costs next to nothing to run, goes like a sports car and seats five with plenty of room for luggage." This combination of performance and practicality that all owners talked about made Model 3 a winner as a family car.

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