Tesla's CYBRTRK May Not Need Support from Core Pickup Truck Buyers to Succeed


Elon Musk’s Cybertruck has received polarizing reviews within the Tesla community and outside of it when it was revealed last week. Still, the all-electric pickup truck seems to have found its own niche in a steadily growing demographic. Many speculated that the Cybertruck would have a difficult time breaking into the massive American pickup truck market, but it seems like Tesla is proving that it never really had to in the first place.

Based on several reports about the core pickup truck market, there doesn’t seem to be one type of consumer for pickups. There are actually two core markets that analysts and truck enthusiasts keep bringing up: namely, the people who buy pickups for utility purposes and those who buy them for more aesthetic reasons.

Most analysts and others unfamiliar with the pickup market seem to relate the heavy-duty vehicle with rigorous work, which is the reason a truck’s hardiness has always been highlighted as one of its significant selling points. These robust trucks were usually marketed towards farmers and construction workers.

However, not all trucks were made for the hardworking, get-his-hands-dirty manly man. There is another type of pickup truck buyer. Jack Rickard commented on the second king of pickup truck-enthusiast in a recent YouTube video on his channel EVTV.


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“Understand most guys who drive pickup trucks don’t do a day's work in their life. They’re all tax accountants. However, they all identify with the big manly truck, or they’re someone like me where getting into a car is a problem,” said Rickard.

Rickard seems to think that the Cybertruck will appeal to pickup buyers who purchase trucks based on their aesthetic and outdoor over-the-weekend use, like those who go overlanding.

Either way, it seems that everyone agrees that whether it's for the utility or aesthetics, there is a massive demand for pickup trucks, especially in America. Given how big the pickup truck market is, Tesla might have a chance at getting a piece of that pie.

Many Tesla enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts who have gravitated towards the Cybertruck have listed their reasons for believing in Elon Musk’s futuristic truck. On r/TeslaMotors subreddit, Redditor u/Dandan0005 argued that Tesla’s CYBRTRK will carve out its own place in the pickup truck market, much like the Model 3 did in the luxury sedan market.

“…I suspect the vast majority of sales will come from people who have never bought a truck before, and never would have even considered it until now. This is an all-new kind of vehicle, and I suspect it will draw an all-new kind of buyer,” wrote the Tesla enthusiast.


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A number of Redditors who commented to u/Dandan0005’s post agreed with him. The top comments showed people who weren’t actually pick-up truck buyers but were persuaded by the Cybertruck.

Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster, a moderate TSLA bull, argued a similar case as u/Dandan005 for the Tesla Cybertruck. Munster concluded that Musk’s truck could appeal to two sub-segments of the pickup and SUV markets.

Then, there is a specific kind of Cybertruck buyer who has quite a different take on Elon Musk’s pickup truck. YouTuber Mark Patey represents this very unique kind of Cybertruck supporter. Patey didn’t reserve a CYBTRK because of the design, the specs, or even the performance. He decided to put a US$100 deposit for the Cybertruck simply because he wanted to support Elon Musk. In a YouTube video,  Patey applauded Musk’s guts for unveiling a truck that he knew would be polarizing. Many others seem to share Patey’s opinion on the Cybertruck, even Rickard himself.

“Elon Musk has done what I think is the perfect truck at the perfect time. I predict the shock of that design will be replaced by the genius of it,” said Rickard.

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