Tesla's Cybertruck is Tomorrow's Perfect Commercial Vehicle


The Tesla Cybertruck has grown in popularity since its rocky unveiling, and now it seems the all-electric pickup could be tomorrow’s perfect commercial vehicle. Multiple brands have humored the internet by placing their trademark names on Elon Musk’s futuristic truck. One Tesla-enthusiast explained why companies could see the CYBRTRK as a really sensible buy.

Space enthusiast @S_E_Downing shared a YouTube comment that talked about one of the Cybertruck’s less-discussed advantages as commercial motor vehicles (CMV), or cars that are usually used in trade or transportation. According to Griffwant, who owns a fleet of CMVs, Tesla’s pickup truck is a practical buy for people like him. “I have a fleet of commercial vehicles. Maintenance is a HUGE expense,” said the fleet manager. 

In terms of maintenance, Elon Musk’s CYBRTRK would not need brake servicing, oil changes, any checkups to an engine, transmission, exhaust, fuel tank, and any other system costs. The entrepreneur also enumerated the advantages the Cybertruck would have for a consumer, like him/herself.

The most significant advantage, besides low maintenance cost, would be the Cybertruck’s robust and durable exterior. Its origami-like exoskeleton isn’t easily dented, as shown by Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holshausen’s demo with a sledgehammer. The all-electric pickup truck doesn’t have paint either, so there’s no need to worry about chipped paint or the extra costs to fix it. Because the Cybertruck is so sturdy, the fleet manager argued that insurance claims and premiums would be lower, too.

The Cybertruck seems to be a long-term asset for businesses as well. The Space enthusiast observed that Tesla’s million-mile battery and durable motors could theoretically help the CYBRTRK last for at least 20 to 30 years. The same factors also prevent the all-electric vehicle’s price from depreciating much over time. "It's a good thing the damn thing looks futuristic because we're going to be seeing them on the roads for a looooonng time," said Griffwant.

If the Cybertruck does become a favored CMV on the market, it could help Tesla’s sales. The most significant advantage of using the CYBRTRK for business purposes would be its qualification for tax breaks. Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) 2019, trucks are perceived as transportation equipment. As such, pickups qualify for 100 percent bonus depreciation in its first year and Sec. 179 expensing.


Credit: Vincent Yu/Twitter

BradyWare clarified how the tax break for heavy vehicles works, “To illustrate the potential savings from these first-year tax breaks, suppose you buy a new $65,000 heavy SUV and use it 100% in your business in 2019. You can deduct the entire $65,000 in 2019 thanks to the 100% first-year bonus depreciation privilege. If you use the vehicle only 60% for business, your first-year deduction would be $39,000 (60% x $65,000).

To avail of this tax break, the Cybertruck must have a gross vehicle weight rating above 6,000lbs. Given that the Model X already weight 5,400 lbs, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for Tesla’s pickup truck. Also, this tax break only applies if the vehicle is used for business over 50 percent of the time. 

Given the truck's relatively low price for a pickup, its low maintenance costs, and its potential for tax breaks, the Cybertruck does seem to be the practical choice for businesses on the market for CMVs. After initial costs, owning a Cybertruck would be more of an asset than a liability for most of its service. 

Featured Image Credit: Crunch/Twitter

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