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Hacker: Tesla Autopilot Will Soon Stop At Red lights and Stop Signs

Hacker: Tesla Autopilot  Will Soon Stop At Red lights and Stop Signs

Tesla seeks to improve its cars through new updates, so hints were found in the new software that the autopilot system built into it would soon be able to not only recognize red traffic lights and stop signs, but also correctly respond to them.

The hacker who periodically looks at Tesla’s code, green, said the new software update 2020.12 contains new stop signs/traffic lights icons, which he thinks looks like preparations to enable actual stopping for stop signs/traffic lights. He is not 100% sure about this, but in his opinion, these hidden icons strongly hint at the company's efforts to introduce automatic stop functions.

The distribution of this version began this week and, as green reported, "there's nothing exciting in there." Release notes are identical to 20.8, except for the above observation.

The Tesla 2020.12 update seems to hint at a potential implementation of features that would allow company cars to automatically stop when they encounter traffic lights and stop signs. These features will be a valuable step for Tesla's efforts to deploy urban driving systems for its vehicles.

Introducing the ability to stop the vehicle when encounter with traffic lights and stop signs is a very important feature for the complete set for Tesla self-driving. The company’s team has been working for several years to provide cars with the opportunity to drive their cars completely without driver intervention. And these observations strongly hint that Tesla will soon present something that will be a breakthrough in this area.

Source: greentheonly/YouTube

Tesla CEO Elon Musk decided to completely review the autopilot code in order to make the system more efficient. When this is completed, new functions will be implemented quickly.

Musk was always different in that he passionately approached the fulfillment of his tasks. Therefore, no doubt, soon all Tesla owners will have the opportunity to use the FSD.

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