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The Boring Company Moves Forward with Vegas Clark County

The Boring Company Moves Forward with Vegas Clark County

The Las Vegas Clark County Commissioners have been very busy reviewing and giving the green light for more ‘The Boring Company’ project tunnels in Las Vegas.
The commissioners have given the go-ahead for The Boring Company to build two new tunnels, for two resorts, to add to the large Las Vegas  Loop project. The LVCC Loop, a Loop of the Vegas Loop, recently finished. 

Another new tunnel proposal was also submitted for a Circus Circus Resort project tunnel. 

Total, the Vegas Loop will connect approximately 50 stations on the Loop.

To give a little background to the Vegas area in Nevada USA, the Clark County has a population 2.4 million people with an average annual visitation of 45.6 million visitors. The 11th largest county in the US. One can see underground tunnels being a great way to move people between popular destinations at a very fast and less congested speed.

The Vegas Loop overall at proposal will be approximately 10.5 miles long, of two parallel tunnels, a total of 24 miles of tunnels, on either side of Las Vegas Boulevard South. Tunnels will be 13.5 foot diameter, located approximately 30 feet below ground. 

The Boring Company, another one of CEO Elon Musk’s successful companies, has been working with the The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) Board of Directors to implement the Vegas Loop project.  The LVCC Loop Project, a 1.4 mile loop, finished January 2021, exactly as scheduled. LVCC Loop alone costs roughly 55 million.

The vote, to move the resort tunnels forward, took place on Tuesday February 2nd with unanimously approved “revocable license and maintenance agreements” for The Boring Company to build the two Las Vegas resort’s people moving tunnels.  The resorts are ‘Resorts Worlds’, and ‘Encore’.   

The approval gives The Boring Co the right to use a part of the right-of-way on Las Vegas Boulevard to build a tunnel transit system, all to connect to the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

The Resort World tunnel project will finish with the coinciding of the resort’s grand opening summer 2021. A run down description of the tunnel projects is given by The Boring Company below.

“The project will provide the quick, environmentally friendly and efficient movement of people within Clark County and its surroundings without disrupting activities occurring above ground.

This transportation system will provide benefits to the surrounding community by increasing the ease in which the public moves between key destinations within the greater resort corridor and beyond, while alleviating surface traffic. The project will be harmonious and compatible with existing and planned development in the area, and will provide visitors to the greater Las Vegas area with an innovative transportation system worthy of their expectations.” 
— The Boring Company 

The project overall is quite cost effective by a factor of 10x. 


More information on The Vegas Loop and other ‘The Boring Company’ projects can be found on the the company website.


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