Thousands of Updated Model 3s Arrive in Europe

Thousands of Updated Model 3s Arrive in Europe

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  • More updated Model 3s are being prepared for delivery to customers in Europe.
  • Thousands of vehicles are being unloaded at the port and will contribute a good portion of Q4 deliveries.

The first deliveries of the updated Model 3 have already begun in Europe, starting in Germany and the Netherlands. Residents of the region were the first in the world to receive delivery of the new product, although deliveries to other countries are also already planned. This was great news as previously, new or updated models were first delivered to the US or China customers. However, Europe is becoming an increasingly important market.

@LucWaterlot reported that Neptune Barcelona has delivered thousands of Tesla cars to Europe. According to the tracker, the vessel arrived at the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium on October 27. It was loaded with cars at the port of Shanghai, China, and set sail on September 30, stopping at Singapore along the way. Luc made a video of the cars being unloaded from the vessel. He also shared a photo of cars that have already been unloaded and sitting in the parking lot, and a photo of a truck that picks up cars from the port to transport them to delivery centers.

On September 1, Tesla announced the updated Model 3. Initially, it was presented in China and Europe. The cars appeared at two auto shows in Beijing, China, and Munich, Germany. The company has changed the exterior of the car, improving its aerodynamic qualities and introducing two new colors: Ultra Red and Stealth Grey. Interior sound insulation has been improved, thanks to 360-degree acoustic glass, improved suspension bushings and seals, and sound-absorbing material. In addition, the range has been increased. The interior features higher quality materials, an improved central display, and all seats with heating and the front ones with ventilation. The interior design is complemented by stylish trim and ambient lighting. For now, Tesla has only unveiled the Base and Long Range versions, with the Performance unveiling still awaited.

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