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Tesla Model 3 Is Top EV Choice for US Fleet Companies

Tesla Model 3 Is Top EV Choice for US Fleet Companies

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  • Tesla Model 3 is the most popular choice among all available EV brands for US fleet companies.
  • Tesla Model Y is in third place, confirming that the manufacturer's electric vehicles are the top choice.

Electric cars are increasingly penetrating everyday life and capturing the love of consumers. A lot of companies have also taken notice of them to use in their fleets. Electric vehicles are widely used by daily rental fleets, and corporate and government fleets, as they help reduce CO2 emissions and maintenance costs.

S&P Global Mobility analyzed sales data for US fleet companies from July 2022 to July 2023. It was noted that Tesla was the top choice among these fleets. The brand accounts for almost a third of all electric vehicle purchases over the past 13 months. This is possible because Tesla produces electric vehicles in volumes unmatched by any other OEM. In addition, the company's electric vehicles have excellent performance.

In terms of individual models, Tesla Model 3 is the top electric vehicle sold to fleets. In 13 months, 28,252 sedans were sold. The model is a key element of the current deal between Tesla and Hertz, under which the maker will supply 100,000 units to the car rental company. In second place is Chevrolet Bolt with 19,502 sales. Tesla is again in third place, with 11,149 Model Ys. Ford F Series is in fourth place with 7,718 units. Rounding out the top 5 is Rivian EDV with 6,390 sales.

S&P Global Mobility notes that fleet sales are often sporadic and timed to specific purchasing cycles. For example, Tesla sold more than 13,500 Model 3 vehicles to fleets in December 2022 and January 2023 combined, with sales of about 4,300 units in both July and October 2022. In other months, fleet sales were relatively modest.

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