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To date, over 49,000 Tesla vehicles registered in Norway

To date, over 49,000 Tesla vehicles registered in Norway

Electric cars burst onto Norwegian roads like never before. Nearly half of Norway's new car purchases are currently made using electricity (OFV, April 2019), and more can now be done, as the infrastructure and charging options are better than ever.

Norwegians fell in love with electric cars. In the 2018, 19,400 new electric vehicles were bought in Norway, representing a market share of 31%, according to OFV.

In parallel with the fact that there are more favorable conditions for the purchase of a new electric car, most of the problems associated with the use of an electric car are practically eliminated. Just a few years ago, there were almost no chargers on Norwegian roads. Now the number of fast chargers has increased, and the charging time is so good that in practice the problem is eliminated for many.

At the same time, owners of electric vehicles still enjoy several advantages in Norway, which make cars cheaper to buy and use. Exemption from VAT, cheaper or free ferries and crossings,and fact that charging with electricity significantly reduces the cost of owning an electric car. At the same time, ongoing maintenance costs are generally lower.

Among all the electric cars on the Norwegian market, due to a number of advantages, Tesla electric cars are the most popular. According to Teslastats, in Norway, 49,103 Tesla vehicles are currently registered.

Source: Teslastats

It should be noted that for just less than 11 months of the presence of Tesla Model 3 in the Norwegian market, 15,294 units were sold. And this means that more than every 9th new cars in 2019 in Norway, is the Tesla Model 3.

According to Dinside.no, people in Norway choose the Tesla Model 3 as their 2020 car. 31.99% of people chose the Tesla Model 3, immediately behind Tesla is Toyota RAV4, which scored only 7.66%. You must admit that such a big gap deserves great attention.

Earlier this month Norwegian Motor.no magazine selected 10 finalists among the best cars of the year. They calculated the cost of purchase and regular maintenance of the car, taking into account the assessment of the car, and conducted its own tests. As a result, a car was selected that was named "Best Car Purchase of the Year" - this is the Tesla Model 3.

Well, it’s absolutely clear that the Norwegians are delighted with Tesla. Tesla makes powerful and high-tech electric cars with excellent driving characteristics. I'm sure that the people of Norway are looking forward to Tesla Model Y and Cybertruck.

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Featured image: Carina Larsen / Twitter and CEO of Teslatray.com

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