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TSLA Investor First Tesla Giga 4 Berlin Drone Video

by Eva Fox February 15, 2020

TSLA Investor First Tesla Giga 4 Berlin Drone Video

Marcel Münch is TSLA investor, so he closely monitors how the company is doing at Gigafactory 3 and Gigafactory 4. Today he visited the place where Giga Berlin will be built in order to assess progress, this was helped by a drone, with through which Marcel shot a video and shared it with us.

Marcel decided to take the train to estimate how much real time the journey from Berlin would take. The train ride took about 20 minutes. In fact, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also made the same train ride before buying a site to make sure, that the road takes a little time.


As can be seen from the video, as of the afternoon of February 15, workers managed to cut trees into a large area of ​​the forest. Deforestation work began on Thursday night, after The State Environmental Agency has given Tesla the manufacturer of electric vehicles permission to prepare a construction sitein Grünheide, to lay roads in the forest and clear 91.5 hectares of forest for Giga Berlin.

Friday morning, requests were received from the Brandenburg Green League and the Association for Landscape Conservation and Species Protection in Bavaria (VLAB). In this regard, the Berlin-Brandenburg Supreme Administrative Court (OVG) temporarily stopped ongoing on-site cleaning work for the planned Tesla factory in Grünheide on Saturday evening.

The German government has responded to the situation. A Member of the European Parliament and the Presidium of the German Liberal Party FDP as well as the leader of the FDP association in South-Western German state Baden-Württemberg, Michael Theurer warned of the economic consequences of environmental association requests and lawsuits against the planned factory of the American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla in Gruenheide near Berlin.

Photo: dpa

“I appeal to everyone who thinks about the lawsuit to start it again. Do not paralyze Germany as an industrial enterprise, ”Theurer told The Handelsblatt.

According to Theurer, getting out of coal and nuclear power is already a "huge financial effort" for the economy and consumers. But if now there will also be a wave of lawsuits against the construction of Tesla's Giga Berlin, then Germany, as an industrial location will be paralyzed. Such lawsuits, in turn, threaten jobs, added value and, therefore, a financial basis for urgently needed climate protection.

“Exaggerated mania leads to an economic and environmental impasse,” warned Theurer politician. The politician spoke out in connection with the unsuccessful attempts of two environmental associations to stop the clearing on the site of the planned factory.

Theurer asked the state of Brandenburg and the federal government "to communicate much more about the benefits of the Tesla factory through joint initiatives." Here, politics must do a “conviction."

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) should also “show new ways we can speed up and simplify planning and approval processes with innovative approaches.” “Legislative measures to limit legal options should, at best, be the final correlation,” Theurer emphasized. “This confrontation with environmental, natural and consumer associations should be avoided.”

Another Tesla enthusiast, Emil Senkel, also showed a video footage of the Giga Berlin site.



Featured image: Tesla Kid Grünheide/YouTube

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