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Tesla Solar Roof Poised For International Ramp, Localize Production To Follow


The Tesla Solar Roof is poised for an international ramp this later year with localized production slated to follow. While in the US, Tesla continues to ramp Solar Roof installations. The company is currently hiring and training for its growing Solar Roof team.

Elon Musk recently invited people to join Tesla’s Solar Roof team via Twitter. “Tesla is ramping up Solar Roof installation across the USA!” he said in his tweet. More installations mean the EV tech company will need to ramp its Solar Roof team as well. Musk announced that training for anyone interested in joining the Solar Roof team was free to apply for Tesla, adding that no prior experience was needed for the job.

Musk also added that an international Solar Roof expansion is slated for later this year, further expanding the company’s energy sector. In a Twitter response on February 10, Elon Musk hinted that Europe and China orders for Solar Roof would be coming soon.

He confirmed that international Solar Roof production will be manufactured in Giga New York at the beginning. However, Tesla does plan to localize the production of its Solar Roof business down the road. “Pretty much the same as vehicles,” clarified Elon Musk.

The decision to localize production for its EV fleet has proven efficient for Tesla based on the next-gen company’s updates during its latest Earnings Call. “Yeah. I feel there is a pretty big fundamental efficiency gain that Tesla has by just making cars, especially affordable cars than 3 and Y, at least on the continent where the customers are. It kind of makes sense,” said Musk at the 2019 Q4 Earnings Call.

“But what we're doing -- or have been doing in the past was really pretty silly in making cars in California and then shipping them halfway around the world to Asia and Europe. And this created a lot of cost, because you got to ship those cars, so they got lot of finished goods, sitting on the order or waiting at the port or going through customs, you got tariffs, transport...

“So we got three different types of cars that are being built, it's very complex and just having a factory in China or a factory in California or a factory in North America and a factory in Europe will -- just that alone is a massive improvement in our fundamental operating efficiency. That I think this may not be fully appreciated,” Musk said. 

Over time, Tesla has figured out how to streamline its vehicle production line for the most efficient results—both in time and in costs. So it makes sense that Tesla follows suit with its Solar Roof business.

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