Tesla Introduces Model S & X Refresh with Plaid & Plaid+, Roadster 2 Type Steering Wheel

Tesla Introduces Model S & X Refresh with Plaid & Plaid+, Roadster 2 Type Steering Wheel

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2020 has been a transformative year for Tesla. Despite unforeseen global challenges, the company has outpaced many of the trends seen in other sectors in the industry, and has significantly increased production, profitability and cash generation. In addition, the company has completed development and begin production of the updated Model S and Model X, which not only have a facelift, but also a new Model: Plaid.

Over the past few weeks, Tesla has revamped the Fremont plant to bring out the new Model S and Model X. These changes include new powertrains (battery modules, battery packs, drive units), a completely new interior, exterior updates, and other improvements. Production of these models will resume in Q1, and will eventually reach full capacity, the company said in a report.

The new Model S is offered in three versions:
Long Range $79,990
Plaid $119,990
Plaid + $139,990

Model S and Model X received stunning interior changes. According to the pictures, all parts of the interior have undergone changes. The car received the long-awaited horizontal screen, an updated center console, an optional rear second screen, and an additional interior color, Cream. Depending on the configuration, the interior looks slightly different.

Model S Long Range

Model S Plaid and Plaid +

Features of all updated Model S

Model S Plaid will be the first mass-produced car ever that can accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than 2 seconds.

The Tesla Model X will now come in two configurations, Long Range and Plaid. Model X LR is priced at $89,990, while Model X Plaid will cost customers $119,990. The interior of the car has been redesigned to match the interior of the Model S, and the color "Cream" has also been added.

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