Refreshed Tesla Model S Spotted in the Wild at a Service Center in Toledo, Ohio

Refreshed Tesla Model S Spotted in the Wild at a Service Center in Toledo, Ohio

Photos: A member of the Michigan Tesla Owners Club via Reddit

A refreshed 2021 Tesla Model S was spotted in the wild near a service center in Toledo, Ohio. A few photos gave us some idea of ​​the exterior and interior of the car. A classic round but refreshed steering wheel is standard in the basic version, and a yoke steering wheel is an option, confirmed by the staff of the service center.

A member of the Michigan Tesla Owners Club shared unique photos on Facebook. u/cjh6793 shared them on Reddit with permission from the author. The exterior of the car clearly indicated that it was an updated Model S, although the interior was slightly different from the one presented on the website. The first thing that catches the eye is the steering wheel. In this Model S, we see a classic round shape, but the steering wheel is refreshed. According to the author, the service staff has confirmed that the yoke steering wheel will be available as an option.

"Model S refresh test vehicle spotted at the Toledo service center!! Sorry for the crummy photos. Best I could do at the time. Also, yoke steering wheel confirmed as option, by service staff !!"--written by the author of the original post.

Despite the fact that the steering wheel has a classic round shape, it will have a number of interesting and unusual updates, which you can guess just looking at it. It lacks pivoting levers but shows signs of using the touch buttons. Since part of the steering wheel in the area of ​​the wheel is glossy, there are imprints there, which indicates that there was pressing in those places. The most likely scenario is that there is a touch button for turning or for switching the driving modes manually between Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive--though the manual mode switch in this prototype was spotted elsewhere.

Additional equipment, a paper cup covering the button, and decals indicated that this is a test car and is likely going through a series of driving tests. Park, Reverse, Neutral, and Drive buttons were seen on the center console, below the wireless charging area for mobile phones. There are also several markings on the side of the wireless charger, although the inscriptions there are impossible to read. Apparently, there are also several buttons located there.

At the moment, it is not known whether all these updates will be present in the refreshed production cars, the delivery of which should begin soon. However, they all seem to be very interesting and useful.

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