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Tesla Supercharger Network Secures its Victory in the EV Market, & Harvard Business Agrees

Tesla Supercharger Network Secures its Victory in the EV Market, & Harvard Business Agrees

We can observe that gradually the whole world is beginning to show interest in electric vehicles. However, only Tesla is so popular that it leads most of the world's markets. So what's the deal?

In addition to the fact that Tesla provides the highest quality and innovative EVs, with the best price/quality ratio, the company has another unique advantage--a branded network of charging stations. According to multiple surveys, one of the main concerns of potential EV buyers is that they do not know where to charge their car, so what should become a means of free movement, in the end, can become a big problem for them. This can seem to be a deterrent when choosing to buy an EV as an everyday vehicle.

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Automakers spend billions of dollars developing their EVs, but they don't pose a real threat to Tesla because they don't have their own charging network. Charging stations from third-party providers are currently not reliable and are often located only along major transport routes.

Meanwhile, Tesla owners are free to travel long distances, fully confident that they will find convenient Superchargers to recharge their vehicle. Tesla has thought about the entire system ahead of time with the goal of addressing consumers' basic driving needs. In addition to the proprietary Supercharger network, Tesla owners can use third-party networks to charge their cars.

The Tesla Supercharger Network allows Tesla drivers to charge their vehicles in the shortest possible time. This growing infrastructure is a big competitive advantage for Tesla, as it improves customer service, ownership experience, and reduces car range worries. Tesla's Supercharger Network dates back to 2012 when there were only six charging stations installed. So far, almost 2,500 Superchargers have been installed worldwide with almost 22,000 total stalls. Tesla changed the worldview on EVs, and its own network of Superchargers altered the rules of the game.

The authors of the Harvard Business article "How Tesla's Charging Stations Left Other Manufacturers in the Dust" concluded that companies dreaming of being the next Tesla should take a close look at why they are so far behind. They should focus on the critical charging network that has led customers to take risks and buy cars from a newcomer. Only after this is done, can they move on to the next step: taking control of the vehicle data that will enable self-driving cars, and the transition to vehicle as a service instead of vehicle as a product.

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