US Traders Dominate Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Online Traffic, Data Show

US Traders Dominate Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Online Traffic, Data Show

Number of crypto exchange visits chart. Source: SimilarWeb

US traders dominate global cryptocurrency exchange online traffic, data reveal. Crypto exchanges continue to gain popularity as they are one of the main ways for investors to participate in the digital asset market.

Crypto exchanges continue to be popular as they are a place where investors can buy, sell or store digital assets. In particular, US traders account for the highest share of global visitors to crypto exchange websites over the last 90 days at over 14%, data by SimilarWeb shared by Arcane research (via Finbold) show. South Korean traders are in second place with 6.51%. In addition, the study notes for 52.4% of all crypto exchange website visits within 90 days originated from only 20 countries accounted.

Keep in mind that due to different regulations in each jurisdiction, some traders use virtual private networks (VPNs) to visit cryptocurrency exchanges, which may distort the actual visit data. A VPN allows users to access exchanges that are not authorized in their countries.

Within the crypto circles, the top countries with the most visitors to exchanges also lie in strategic regions like North America. The regions account for a bulk of crypto and transactions and are known to dictate the sector’s management in relation to aspects like regulations.

Interestingly, the U.S. tops the rankings despite hosting a few regulated crypto exchanges, mainly due to the strict regulatory framework that spans from the state to federal level. However, the country is considered to have an advanced cryptocurrency sector mainly due to regulations and the economy’s size.

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