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White House Asks Tesla CEO Elon Musk for Help to Achieve its Goals

White House Asks Tesla CEO Elon Musk for Help to Achieve its Goals

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The White House is asking Tesla CEO Elon Musk to help them achieve their goals. It turned out that the US government would not be able to quickly achieve its goals if it did not get help from a company with the widest charging network in North America and around the world.

Senior White House officials asked Elon Musk during a private meeting last month that Tesla make its wide charging network available for use by non-Tesla electric vehicles, The Washington Post reports, citing two inside sources. The White House is seeking to enlist the support of the head of the company in its efforts to achieve its climate goals.

“John Podesta and Mitch Landrieu met with Elon Musk to discuss shared goals around electrification and how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act can advance electric vehicle production and charging as well as the broader cause of electrification,” the White House spokesperson said Jan. 27, after the meeting.

Tesla has reportedly expressed willingness to work with the government towards opening its widest network of charging stations in North America for non-Tesla vehicles. However, the company has not made any clear commitments.

Previously, President Joe Biden and his administration have been disrespectful to Musk and Tesla by not inviting them to government events related to EVs, and also by refusing to give credit for the company's merits in the wide distribution of EVs in the United States. The White House showed itself to be biased by giving all the credit for the expansion of the EV market in the US to General Motors and its CEO Mary Barra, without even mentioning the credits of Tesla and Musk, which also emphasized its short-sightedness. Meanwhile, the fact that the efforts of General Motors were completely insignificant compared to the giant Tesla is worth special attention.

The Biden administration has set a goal of building a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers. However, it turned out that its rapid implementation is impossible without the help of the company, which actually created the electric vehicle market and charging infrastructure for it in the US and around the world. Musk and Tesla, for their part, were always ready to help the government, and never provoked such an unfair attitude towards them.

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