Why This Toyota Truck Loyalist Is Buying a Tesla Cybertruck [Video]

Why This Toyota Truck Loyalist Is Buying a Tesla Cybertruck [Video]

The presenter of the Design Prototype Test channel on YouTube is the person who loves trucks a lot. Trucks accompanied him throughout his life, so they are an important part of him.
His first truck was Toyota, as far as his next 4 trucks, and all the cars that he bought were used. That is, in his life he possessed five Toyota trucks. This is impressive, this guy is a true Toyota fan.

He honestly admitted that the appearance of Tesla Cybertruck does not correspond to his ideas about a beautiful car, but in the video he plunges into the analysis of the truck and considers those moments that made him think about buying [video below].

"Despite the radical aesthetics, the Tesla Cybertruck is a shining example of function-over-form, and it is perfectly designed," he said. And in the video he explain what he mean, and tell us why it will be the first non-Toyota truck he will have ever bought, and the first new vehicle he will have ever owned. 

So let's look at exactly what he means. The first thing you should pay attention to is the exoskeleton. For comparison, he takes the Tesla Cybertruck exoskeleton and Ford F-150 exoskeleton.

Image from video

He uses a rough approximation and we see that the exoskeletons of the truck are the same size. For comparison, it was the exoskeleton full-size truck was taken. If we look at the head restraints, we can see that the F-150 head restraints are higher than those of Cybertruck. And that's accomplished just because all of the structure of the body of the Tesla is moved to the skin instead of having that frame that you have to sit up on top of, like you do on the Ford F-150.

Let's talk a bit about airfoil. An airfoil is the cross-sectional shape of a wing, blade (of a propeller, rotor, or turbine), or sail (as seen in cross-section).

Image: Wikipedia

An airfoil-shaped body moving through a fluid produces an aerodynamic force. The component of this force perpendicular to the direction of motion is called lift. The component parallel to the direction of motion is called drag. Subsonic flight airfoils have a characteristic shape with a rounded leading edge, followed by a sharp trailing edge, often with a symmetric curvature of upper and lower surfaces. Foils of similar function designed with water as the working fluid are called hydrofoils.

The lift on an airfoil is primarily the result of its angle of attack. When oriented at a suitable angle, the airfoil deflects the oncoming air (for fixed-wing aircraft, a downward force), resulting in a force on the airfoil in the direction opposite to the deflection. This force is known as aerodynamic force and can be resolved into two components: lift and drag. Most foil shapes require a positive angle of attack to generate lift, but cambered airfoils can generate lift at zero angle of attack. This "turning" of the air in the vicinity of the airfoil creates curved streamlines, resulting in lower pressure on one side and higher pressure on the other. This pressure difference is accompanied by a velocity difference, via Bernoulli's principle, so the resulting flowfield about the airfoil has a higher average velocity on the upper surface than on the lower surface. The lift force can be related directly to the average top/bottom velocity difference without computing the pressure by using the concept of circulation and the Kutta–Joukowski theorem.

So, with comparison Ford F-150 and Tesla Cybertruck, we can clearly see how much the Tesla truck is much smoother than the Ford, which means that it will be better to go through the air.

Image from video

So, we see inconsistencies between the airfoil and the Ford. The front end does not look aerodynamic, and in general the entire truck does not correspond to a graceful curve. Also pay attention to the protruding rear edge of the cab, this is a key point. Indeed, behind this protruding element, during movement, a huge vortex appears, and it spins right behind the truck. This is extremely inefficient. You just spend a lot of fuel to push this truck on the road.

Image from video

Let's look at Cybertruck now. Despite its angular shape, it fits perfectly into the airfoil. So the facts suggest that the Tesla Truck will be really energy efficient.

In addition, what really caught the attention of the presenter was the price of the truck. Any other truck, which is at least a little, in some respects comparable to Cybertuck, is much more expensive. So the price is one of the key points. 

But, the most important thing to pay attention to is safety. This is the main reason why Toyota fan is so keen to buy Tesla.
This guy in the past was the victim of a car accident. Also, one of his trucks was bought from a person who, as a result of a car accident, became disabled and now has to move in a wheelchair.
People are not good drivers.
Every year, from 35,000 to 40,000 people die on US roads as a result of motor vehicle accidents. But the government does not seek to make roads safer. Many people become victims of accidents through no fault of their own, and they can do nothing about it.




Here are a few comments under the video that speak for themselves:

James McDonald

"i love it and want one. I have a ford raptor and whilst I love it, all I can think about now is owning the Cybertruck. I don't have to worry about fuelling it up each week, don't have to worry about some douche opening his door into it or running a trolley into it in a parking lot, don't have to worry about scratches when bush bashing, don't have to worry about paint fading, don't have to worry about not being able to lock it up if I have stuff in the tray, it has an absolute butt load of storage options, it will power all my tools and equipment, I could even run my house fridges and freezers off it in a power outage, I have a ramp my dogs can run up when we go to the beach instead of picking their wet asses up and placing them in the back, I can run a wheelbarrow up there, I have adjustable heights on the fly, incredible acceleration.....the list is endless.

oh, and it looks really fucking badass."

The Knave

"The more you examine the specs, features, price point and costs? The better it looks. ;)"



Michael RCH

"Very compelling testimony about safety. You're so right that we need to accept that computers should be helping us drive safer. I love driving as well but I care more about saving lives than I care about the thrill of driving. Having had a few spinal surgeries, I have really learned that if you don't have your health you don't have anything. I'm sure you'll love the Tesla Truck :)"

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