Tesla Helps Police Solve the Crime

Tesla Helps Police Solve the Crime

A branch of the Shanghai Qingpu Public Security Bureau held a press conference today and announced that it had solve the crime. For this, the police used the video data recorded by the recording function in the Tesla DashCam. These videos have become an important key to solve the crime.

We previously reported that at the end of October this year, the owner of Tesla was faced with fraudsters. Fraudsters on a white Audi tried to arrange a small accident with the owner of the Model 3, Congcongcui. The incident occurred while they were driving along the Shenyang-Haikou Expressway in China.

The owner of the Model 3 heard a noise at the rear of the car, after which his car began to accelerate (the Tesla Model 3 owner had been cruising on Autopilot). Congcongcui suggested that something had crashed into his car, so he stopped at the side of the road to check it out.The owner of the white Audi also stopped, which only confirmed the fears of the owner of the Model 3.

The situation was such that Congcongcui really thought that he accidentally hit another car. The driver of the white Audi pointed to a scratch that was on the Model 3, which seemed to once again confirm Congcongcui's concerns.

The Audi driver graciously suggested that the two drivers settle the situation amongst themselves and not involve the police. Then the Audi owner asked for compensation for the damage to his car. However, the owner of the Tesla Model 3 wanted to talk to the police. The Audi driver then decided to let it go and the two went their separate ways.



After watching the video recorded using Tesla DashCam, many details of the incident become clear. At first Audi rode ahead of Tesla, but then it slowed down and lagged behind. At a time when the Tesla Model 3 was changing lane, Audi began a rapprochement with the car. You can see that the rear window of Audi has opened, at some point you can see how something is thrown from its window. Perhaps the item that was thrown fell into Model 3, and that was the sound Congcongcui heard. It is also clearly visible on the record that there were no car collisions. At a time when Audi sharply approached Tesla, Tesla's car avoided a collision, thanks to the autonomous driving function.
Moreover, the record shows that after the owner of Audi went up to Model 3, he made a movement as if he were scratching a car.

Credit: Vincent Yu/YouTube and Congcongcui

After reporting the incident, the police set up a special task force. As a result of the investigation, it was determined that the owner of the Audi is a fraudster and he was arrested.

Photo credit: WeiXin

Thanks to Tesla and it video recordings from cameras, it has been possible to solve many crimes around the world. I hope that over time, criminals will understand that they can be recorded on video cameras, so the number of such crimes on the roads will decrease significantly.
Tesla, with all its capabilities, was created in order to reduce the number of road accidents. Therefore, I want to express my deep gratitude to the company for taking care of their customers, other people and our planet in general.

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