Tesla Celebrates a Big Milestone: 1 Million 4680 Battery Cells Produced

Tesla Celebrates a Big Milestone: 1 Million 4680 Battery Cells Produced

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Tesla is celebrating a major milestone: producing one million 4680 battery cells just 16 months after their initial unveiling. These cells will be installed in Model Y, produced at Giga Texas, which will mark the beginning of a new era for the manufacturer.

Tesla has entered a new field by developing a new battery cell design that is different from anything on the market today. Tesla's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy—and not just through its cars. “The three elements needed for a sustainable energy future are sustainable energy generation, energy storage, and sustainable transport, electric cars,” said Elon Musk. All three elements of a sustainable future are directly dependent on batteries. This is why Tesla has been so keen on developing its own battery cells that will be produced faster and cheaper, and have more capacity.

Due to the increased size, which is 46*80, the battery cell has 5 times more energy, gives 16% more range, and 6 times more power. It also lowers the dollar-per-kilowatt hour cost of the battery by 14%. That is, the larger form factor is key, as it gives the battery significant advantages while costing less to manufacture. In 2021, Tesla encountered difficulties during the setup of large-scale production of the cell, which slowed down the overall time of its entry into the market, but it seems that the manufacturer was able to overcome these hurdles.

Tesla announced on Friday that it reached its first milestone in January with the production of one million 4680 battery cells. This is a major achievement for a company whose core business is in automobiles and energy storage systems. The new cell was unveiled in September 2020, and although the company had already been working on its development, achieving such rapid progress for a newcomer in this area is impressive. To mark the occasion, the company celebrated it and shared a photo of the team in front of the battery building on Kato Road, in Fremont, California.

The official publication of this information was the confirmation of a recent claim that the company has reached this milestone. A few days ago, Oliver's MX/Tesla Motors Club shared some information about the manufacturer's progress at its manufacturing facility on Kato Road. Among other things, he said that more than one million batteries are in stock, awaiting shipment to Giga Texas for Model Y production. This number of battery cells could probably equip more than 1000 Model Ys, although the exact number is unknown due to the lack of accurate battery specifications.

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