Tesla Cybertruck Body with Single-Piece Rear Cast Spotted, Presumably at Giga Texas

Tesla Cybertruck Body with Single-Piece Rear Cast Spotted, Presumably at Giga Texas

Image: Kim Java/YouTube

A Tesla Cybertruck body with single-piece rear cast was spotted, presumably at Giga Texas. The sighting may hint that the gigantic 9,000-ton Giga Press is already up and running, although it is most likely casts made from testing the machine at IDRA or 3D printed samples.

On Saturday, Kim Java posted a video on her YouTube channel containing a unique photo of the upcoming Cybertruck. She said someone shared it with her this week, without naming the source. The photo shows the body of the Cybertruck with a huge single-piece rear cast, which is to be expected given the size of the pickup truck and the load it has to carry. An interesting observation is that the photographed body did not show that the rear row of seats can be folded down, although this feature is highly anticipated among consumers.

The origin of the single-piece rear cast used in the Cybertruck body spotted is currently unknown. Although the tooling of the production line for Cybertruck at Giga Texas has already begun, there is no confirmation at this time that Giga Press with a clamping force of 9,000 tons is already installed or being assembled there. It can be assumed that this part was produced by IDRA during the testing of the machine before it was shipped to the USA. So Tesla may have some single-piece rear casts in order to make Cybertruck test units. In addition, the explanation could be much simpler and the team could be practicing on parts that are 3D printed.

Tesla is expected to begin production of the Cybertruck sometime in mid-2023. At the moment, the manufacturer has opened a number of job postings for the pickup truck production line at Giga Texas. In addition, according to multiple reports, the company is bringing in a top executive, Tom Zhu, from China to help ramp up production at the US factory. It is possible that he can play a key role in launching Cybertruck production.

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