Tesla Cybertruck Frame Spotted at Giga Texas

Tesla Cybertruck Frame Spotted at Giga Texas

Image: Joe Tegtmeyer /Twitter

Progress in the start of Cybertruck production is becoming more and more evident. At Giga Texas, an undercover truck's frame was seen leaving the factory. Perhaps this was one of the first frames that came off the Cybertruck assembly line in Texas.

Giga Texas sightings are getting more and more intriguing. While ramping up production of Model Y is indeed very important, the start of production of Cybertruck is what really stirs hearts. In recent months, we have increasingly seen trucks driving on public roads, brought in for testing in other countries, seeing the delivery of production equipment and the hiring of employees for its production at Giga Texas. In addition, single-piece castings have already been seen several times, which is also a great signal. A recent video shot right on the Cybertruck production line has become another exciting hint. It showed that at least some parts of the assembly line were already working.

Now we have even more interesting news. Giga Texas construction and development progress observer Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter managed to see something unusual. On Friday, he tweeted photos of the undercover object being loaded onto a truck trailer. Joe managed to film the video before the object was hidden under the retractable cover. Although the object was hidden under a cover, its shape clearly indicated it was a Cybertruck. However, one could see it was not a finished truck, but only its frame. In one of the pictures, you can even see part of the frame before a Tesla employee covered it with a blanket.

At the moment, it remains unknown where the likely Cybertruck frame was sent. However, it can be assumed that it will be received at the manufacturer's factory in Fremont, California. Tesla's team, which has been involved in the production of all the alpha and beta versions of Cybertruck that now exist, is located there. Clearly, if there is anyone who can truly appreciate the quality of a frame made at Giga Texas, it is the Fremont team.

Previously, Joe said Tesla will be tuning, calibrating, and testing equipment for the production of Cybertruck at Giga Texas all next month, and possibly early next. Thus, the start of production of Cybertruck could start as early as August.

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