Tesla Supercharger Network Is The Most Reliable, Study Shows

Tesla Supercharger Network Is The Most Reliable, Study Shows

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The Tesla Supercharger Network is the most reliable, according to J.D. Power's E-Vision Intelligence report. When it comes to comparison, no competitor on the market can even match Tesla, the experts concluded.

E-Vision Intelligence has published a report from J.D. Power. The information in it showed that the Tesla Supercharger Network is the most reliable in the US. The data points to big problems for drivers when it comes to charging their cars at non-Tesla charging stations. In the first quarter of 2023, 21.6% of EV drivers who visited public charging stations reported that they could not charge their EVs there. Meanwhile, only 3.9% of Tesla drivers using the Tesla Supercharger network reported such a problem. It is worth noting that Tesla electric vehicles in the US account for more than 60%.

“When it comes to reliability, no other provider is even close to Tesla,” J.D. Power's report noted.

The study found that Tesla car owners showed the highest level of satisfaction with using the company's charging infrastructure. Tesla scored 734 points out of 1,000 possible. Of particular note is the fact that the average score of all other manufacturers was only 558, 176 points less than Tesla.

To date, the Tesla Supercharger Network in the US has 19,500 charging stalls. This makes it the largest network of charging stations in the country. By comparison, all other charging stations that offer a combined charging system (CCS) together only have about 11,500 fast chargers.

J.D. Power noted that the Supercharger network benefits from being more vertically integrated than its competitors. “This enables Tesla to control and test the compatibility between the vehicle hardware and software and the Supercharger hardware and software,” said Elizabeth Krear, J.D. Power's vice president for EV practice.

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