Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Suspension Testing on Bumpy Road

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Suspension Testing on Bumpy Road

Image: Met God in Wilderness/YouTube

Cybertruck is seen undergoing suspension testing on a bumpy road. The production of the electric pickup truck is approaching and we are increasingly seeing prototypes undergoing all sorts of tests.

Lately, Cybertruck has been seen much more often than before, indicating that production is approaching. Prototype sightings of new cars always increases just before production starts. A video was recently released showing Cybertruck standing high on air suspension, and it can now be seen in testing at Tesla's Fremont factory.

Drone footage, shared by Sawyer Merritt/Twitter, shows the Cybertruck doing a couple of laps on the suspension test strip. This is a bumpy road with various obstacles on the surface, which give a shake to the car passing over it. The video shows that while the wheels are shaking, the body of the car remains quite stable and does not flinch much. This is an excellent indicator, as it shows that even on a bumpy road, the occupants of the car will be able to feel sufficiently comfortable, and not bounce around on every bump.

At the moment, production of Cybertruck is expected to begin in the middle of the year. However, in the beginning, it will be a small number of pickup trucks, and the increase in production will be slow. This is due to the fact that Cybertruck is a completely new product that requires the invention of new production technologies. Therefore, until the entire production process is established, it will take some time.

Recently, Elon Musk tweeted that he was at Giga Texas, where he spent several hours on the Cybertruck production line. He also expressed his enthusiastic reaction to its visit, writing “gonna be awesome!” and then added, “Feels like the future.” This indicates that the installation of production equipment and its settings are proceeding at an excellent pace, which caused the delight of Tesla's CEO.

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