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Tesla Giga Shanghai Further Optimizes Car Deliveries in China by Adding Railroad

Tesla Giga Shanghai Further Optimizes Car Deliveries in China by Adding Railroad

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Tesla Giga Shanghai aims to optimize domestic vehicle deliveries while making them more environmentally friendly. The company began to transport cars by train there, which is a step forward in its development.

Tesla in China is gaining momentum by expanding its ways of delivering cars. Previously, the company only transported them by trucks and ships but now it has added another method. According to a @Tslachan/Twitter post, Tesla has begun using the railroad as an additional option to deliver cars to remote regions of China.

According to available information, the first train, with 120 Tesla cars, left Shanghai for Shenyang on March 13. The company began serving customers in Shenyang in 2018 and currently has five Tesla delivery centers there. In addition, the charging infrastructure is actively developing in the area, which contributes to the widespread introduction of the manufacturer's cars.

The transportation of Tesla cars by train has a number of advantages. The company has the ability to quickly and cost-effectively deliver a lot of cars to the far regions of China. This in turn significantly reduces the company's carbon footprint by not requiring fuel to be burned by the trucks that deliver them. Tesla delivers hundreds of thousands of vehicles in China every year, and the number will continue to grow, so it is important to keep track of how they deliver. The company already uses the railroad to deliver its vehicles from its factories in the US and Germany.

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