Tesla Giga Shanghai Reduces Delivery Time for Model Y & Model 3 by Two Weeks in China

Tesla Giga Shanghai Reduces Delivery Time for Model Y & Model 3 by Two Weeks in China

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Tesla Giga Shanghai has shortened the delivery time for the entry-level Model Y and Model 3 in China by two weeks. The changes took place after the manufacturer completed the modernization of the factory.

The expected delivery date for the rear-wheel-drive Model 3 in China is now 14-18 weeks, two weeks short of the previous 16-20 weeks, according to information on the Tesla website first spotted by CnEVPost. Tesla currently offers three versions of the Model 3 in China: the entry-level version, the Model 3 Performance, and Model 3 Long Range. The expected delivery date for the other variant remains unchanged. Prices and specifications for all models remain unchanged.

On August 8, it was also noticed that the expected delivery date for the rear-wheel drive Model Y (entry-level) in China was 8-12 weeks, two weeks shorter than the previous 10-14 weeks. At the same time, Model Y Performance delivery times in China have been extended by four weeks.

The observed changes may be related to the modernization of the production line at Giga Shanghai, which lasted all of July and ended on Sunday, August 7. In the first half of July, the line for Model Y was modernized, which ended on July 16. At the same time, the modernization of the Model 3 production line began. Although production results declined in July, they will recover starting from August, gradually increasing as the installed production capacity is now higher. It is likely that the reductions in delivery times on the Model 3 and Model Y have decreased due to the fact that the factory is now able to produce many more vehicles than before.

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