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Tesla Giga Texas Is Almost Production Ready, Hints Full Parking Lot at Factory

Tesla Giga Texas Is Almost Production Ready, Hints Full Parking Lot at Factory

Photo: @peterdog15/Twitter

The construction of Tesla Giga Texas is progressing at an extremely high rate, and it seems that mass production there may begin very soon. Thousands of cars parked around the building hint that Giga Texas is in active preparation for its opening.

For a year and a half now, the community has been watching the construction of the impressive facility that will produce hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles annually—Giga Texas. The gargantuan factory will start with production of Model Y, and it seems that this may begin very soon. Construction progress monitor, @peterdog15/Twitter, shared photos from his last drone flyby. According to his observations, the parking lot near Giga Texas is so busy that it seems that this has never happened before, during the entire construction of the factory. The photographs show that all the parking lots around the building are occupied and it is difficult to find a free space to park.

Of course, some of these cars are definitely owned by the builders, however many of them are surely owned by Tesla employees. This increase in the number of vehicles may indicate the beginning of more active preparations for the start of production, which is expected to occur in the coming days or weeks.

On November 19, 2021, Tesla Giga Texas submitted five filings with the ATX Architectural Review Board. The list of applications contains the names of the five main workshops of the factory: Body in White, Stamping, Casting, Paint, and General assembly. At the moment, all workshops have already received Review Complete status, which means that the facility has been inspected. With this information, it is not difficult to conclude that Giga Texas will begin mass production very soon.

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