Tesla Installs Its First V4 Supercharger, Located in the Netherlands

Tesla Installs Its First V4 Supercharger, Located in the Netherlands

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Tesla installs its first V4 Supercharger located in Harderwijk, the Netherlands. According to the company's announcement, it will be open to all EVs and will have a longer charging cable to reach their varying charging port locations.

During Investor Day, Tesla announced the unveiling of its first V4 Supercharger. According to the information presented, it is located in Europe, although the exact country was not named. It has now become known that it is located in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, and several Tesla enthusiasts have visited it.

At the moment, the world's first V4 Supercharger is under installation. There are expected to be 16 stalls, although only four have been installed so far. According to an observation by @Taurec42/Twitter who visited the site, the parking spaces here are slightly larger than usual. In addition, the stalls themselves appear taller than the standard stalls, which was expected according to earlier information leaks.

During Investor Day, the company revealed that the V4 Superchargers will feature longer charging cables to make them more convenient to support third-party electric vehicles. While Tesla vehicles have the charging port on the rear left side of the vehicle, the charging ports on other vehicles are in various other locations, making it difficult to charge them with shorter cables.

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