Tesla Launches LHD Model S & X in Japan

Tesla Launches LHD Model S & X in Japan

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Tesla launches Model S and Model X in Japan. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in August for Model S Plaid. Tesla will only deliver left-hand drive cars and has no plans to produce right-handed versions.

On Friday, Tesla unveiled the long-awaited Model S and Model X in Japan. The manufacturer announced the great news on Twitter. The company made changes to its online configurator, clarifying pricing and delivery times, which delighted local customers.

Tesla clarified on its website it only offers left-hand drive (LHD) cars and has no plans to ship right-hand drive cars. While this news may have upset some, plenty of enthusiasts were happy to be able to order cars, even if they are LHD. They preferred to get a speedy delivery of LHD cars rather than wait long for when, and if, production of right-hand drive (RHD) cars would begin. Also, in Japanese culture having a left-hand drive car is a status symbol, so some Japanese Tesla customers will definitely be pleased.

At this point, delivery dates for the cars vary, depending on the model and configuration. Model S starts at ¥12,969,000 (about $95,562). Tesla has not specified a delivery date for the car, which means it is not known when we can expect delivery. Model S Plaid starts at ¥15,969,000 (about $117,668). The delivery date is listed for the end of August 2023. Model X starts at ¥14,469,000 (about $106,615). First deliveries are scheduled for mid-October 2023. Model X Plaid starts at ¥16,669,000 (about $122,826). Deliveries are also due in October 2023.

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