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Tesla Model 3 to Join Bridgewater Police Fleet in Canada

Tesla Model 3 to Join Bridgewater Police Fleet in Canada

Photo: Town of Bridgewater

The City Council of Bridgewater, Canada, at its latest meeting approved the purchase of a new Tesla Model 3 for the police department. The vehicle is expected to generate annual savings for the city of around $5,000.

Mayor David Mitchell says the Bridgewater Police Service was in need of new vehicles, so they started looking at different makes and models, according to CKBW. After the council reviewed the financial details, it was calculated that the electric vehicle would save the city about $5,000 a year over a traditional gasoline-powered patrol car, and also recognizing that an EV would last longer than its gasoline counterparts.

"We looked at communities with similar climates to ours that have made the switch to EV patrol cars and they report annual savings of around $5,000 in addition to EVs lasting a few years longer than their gas counterparts," said Mitchell.

Among the various EV options, the council chose Tesla Model 3 because it is the only option suitable for police use and can be delivered within a reasonable time. The city is currently finalizing the details and an order will be placed in the next few weeks. After receiving the Model 3, the department will need some time to equip it with the appropriate police equipment. Thus, the Tesla is expected to hit the streets of Bridgewater by summer.

Bridgewater Police Service Deputy Chief Danny MacPhee says his department is excited about the announcement, and all of their research indicates the Model 3 should be an effective police vehicle. Bridgewater believes they are the first community in Atlantic Canada to deploy an EV for police patrols, although many other police forces have EVs in their fleets for non-patrol-related work.

Mitchell said the city decided to buy one Model 3 for testing purposes and to make sure other police departments' reports of economical use of the car are accurate.

"With the goal set for all vehicles sold to be electric by 2035 federally we knew we would eventually have to start making changes but we wanted to see for ourselves how accurate the reports we’ve seen from other communities are for ourselves."

The city council has approved $143,000 to purchase and equip two police cruisers, one of which is the Model 3. Although the Tesla will cost about $15,000 more than a traditional cruiser up front, the vehicle will save about $25,000 over five years of use and more if it can continue to operate after this time.

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