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Tesla Officially Unveils the Upgraded Model 3 (Project Highland)

Tesla Officially Unveils the Upgraded Model 3 (Project Highland)

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Tesla has officially unveiled the upgraded Model 3, which was developed under Project Highland. The company updated the exterior, made significant interior improvements, and added new colors.

Tesla has officially unveiled the upgraded Model 3, which has been widely discussed in recent months. The car was updated under Project Highland. In recent weeks, we have seen a lot of test mules on the roads in the US, China, and Europe, which hinted at an imminent introduction.

On September 1, Tesla China revealed some information about the upgraded Model 3, which became available for order today. It is worth noting that the car is currently only available in mainland China, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. This was a nice bonus for the region. We have received several reports that Giga Shanghai has switched to producing the redesigned Model 3. It is positive news that the people of the region will be the first to receive the new car. Information about when it will be available for order and delivery in the US and Europe is not yet available.

This is the first update of the car in six years. In China, the facelifted version of the rear-wheel drive Model 3 is priced at 259,900 yuan ($35,775), while the two-motor, Long Range all-wheel drive version is priced at 295,900 yuan ($40,855.25). Deliveries are expected to begin in the fourth quarter.

Tesla Model 3 received an updated design of the front and rear lights. The fenders of the front lights are sharp and thin, increasing the visual width of the front end, and increasing the lighting distance and headlight width, further enhancing the safety of driving at night. The built-in taillights have a sharp C-shape and a more refined design.

The car is presented in two new paint colors: Flame Red and Stardust Grey. These colors show different light and shadow effects as they change depending on lighting conditions and viewing angles. In addition, the new Model 3 received an all-new wheel configuration, including new 18-inch Photon wheels and optional 19-inch Nova wheels. They have a stunning view while providing lower noise levels.

The new Tesla Model 3 adds an in-house developed audio system. It includes 17 speakers, dual subwoofers, and dual amplifiers for amazing sound effects. However, this configuration will only be available on the upgraded Model 3 Long Range All-Wheel Drive.

The new Model 3 has a three-dimensional design cockpit with multi-color lighting. Ambient lighting extends from the door panels to the windshield, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. In addition, the steering wheel has been upgraded. The car is equipped with front and rear double-layer acoustic glass. Soundproof glass is used for the front and rear side windows. Together, they significantly increase the overall quietness of the car.

A nice bonus is the addition of ventilated front seats. Using a mobile application, owners can activate the seat ventilation function in advance. The new redesigned Model 3 seating system dramatically improves girth and support for a more comfortable sitting position. Tesla added a rear touchscreen for passengers in the back to control climate and enjoy entertainment. The center touchscreen now has smaller bezels, giving you more useable screen space. The screen is brighter, higher contrast, and more responsive.

The updated sedan is equipped with a CN95 filter as standard. It effectively absorbs odors and filters harmful substances in the air, providing a fresh and comfortable cabin environment.

Model 3 received an improved range and dynamic design. By optimizing aerodynamic characteristics, it provides long-range on a single charge. The Model 3 Long Range All-Wheel Drive Refresh Edition has a maximum range of up to 713 kilometers (estimated by CLTC) (443 miles). The base Model 3 has a range of 606 km (estimated by CLTC) (377 miles).

The safety of the Model 3 has also been improved. The suspension system and stabilization system have been adjusted, which allow the car to maintain its sporty qualities while providing better shock absorption. The Model 3 features new door hinges, locks, and latches to create a stronger side structure that meets higher standards and effectively improves side impact safety. In addition, remote airbags have been added to reduce occupant injury in the event of an accident. The new Tesla Model 3 has blind spot warning lights to greatly improve driving safety.

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