Tesla Is Highly Trusted by US & Canadian Residents, Survey Shows

Tesla Is Highly Trusted by US & Canadian Residents, Survey Shows

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Consumers in the US and Canada show high confidence in Tesla, according to a survey. About 40% of respondents trust the company's products, and about 37% are ready to buy them in the future.

Tesla is the undisputed leader in the electric vehicle industry and enjoys high consumer confidence. A new survey from Benzinga and Dig Insights, conducted in the US and Canada, focused on finding out the level of consumer confidence in Tesla and whether they are considering buying products or shares in the company.

According to the data received, in the US, 41% of respondents said they fully or partially agreed with the statement “I trust Tesla products.” In the survey, only 25% strongly or partially disagreed with the same statement. When asked about buying Tesla products, 39% said they strongly agree or partially agree that they will buy Tesla products. 33% of the respondents are not going to buy them.

Tesla shares endured a tough 2022, down 69% year-on-year. The survey asked if Tesla stock is a good investment right now (as of March 2023). 38% agreed with this statement. 24% said that Tesla shares are not a good investment.

The latest question touched on Tesla's management and leadership team, with CEO Elon Musk as a head. Respondents were given the statement: “I think the management team of Tesla is making good decisions.” 39% agree with this statement, while 23% disagree.

In Canada, the results of the survey were fairly similar. 40% of respondents trust Tesla products, while 29% do not. However, the percentage of those who are ready to buy the manufacturer's products is lower than in the US: 35% agree that they will buy products, and 39% disagree.

33% of Canadians said Tesla stock is a good investment right now (as of March 2023), compared to 28% who disagreed with that statement. Meanwhile, 33% of those surveyed agreed that Tesla management is making the right decisions, and 26% disagreed with this statement.

A positive attitude towards the company, its products, promotions, and management practices is very important. Unlike all other manufacturers in the field, Tesla has never advertised its products. In parallel, throughout its history, the company has faced negative media coverage—from media outlets that are accustomed to automakers buying ads from them. Tesla broke this tradition and, in the fight against the media and short sellers, was able to independently win the love of consumers and their recognition. At the moment, the most effective advertising Tesla uses is word-of-mouth testimonials from its customers.

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