Tesla Giga Shanghai Resumes Production via Closed-Loop System, in Line with Call of Local Governments

Tesla Giga Shanghai Resumes Production via Closed-Loop System, in Line with Call of Local Governments

Tesla is resuming production at Giga Shanghai in a closed-loop system where workers will be at the factory 24 hours a day. The resumption of production in this manner is in accordance with the call of local governments and according to their recommendations.

Tesla could resume production at Giga Shanghai today after a three-week shutdown. Due to COVID restrictions, strict work measures will be put in place for all staff arriving. According to Bloomberg's sources, employees will work in a so-called closed-loop system.

The manufacturer will allocate rooms for sleeping, showering, eating, and spending leisure time, where employees will be placed. Each employee will receive a bed, a sleeping bag, and a memo that will describe some of the rules. All employees will be required to take a nucleic acid test daily for the first three days, take their temperature twice a day, and should wash their hands four times a day, the memo says. One source said workers will be provided with three meals a day and a daily allowance, the amount of which will depend on the position and level of the employee. The workers who arrived at Giga Shanghai are expected to work until May 1. However, this may change according to city policy.

Officials in Shanghai are urging companies to resume production, which was halted due to the city's lockdown, using a closed-loop system where workers live in their factories. At the moment, more than 600 firms have already resumed their activities.

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