Tesla Sparks High Demand in US with Discounts; Now It’s Selling Demo & Test Drive Vehicles

Tesla Sparks High Demand in US with Discounts; Now It’s Selling Demo & Test Drive Vehicles

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Tesla is selling off cars that have been used for showrooms and test drives in the US. This confirms the highest demand for the manufacturer's vehicles at the end of the year, which was largely due to current generous discounts.

Tesla began selling demo and test drive vehicles in the US through the end of 2022. Thus, the company's cars, which are on the balance sheet of individual stores, can be sold to customers if they so desire, while receiving all the recent bonuses launched by the manufacturer.

The move comes after Tesla offered a discount on its Model 3 and Model Y in North America on Thursday. According to its website, the manufacturer is offering a $7,500 rebate in the US and a $5,000 rebate in Canada if the car is delivered before the end of the year. Plus, Tesla is offering 10,000 miles of free charging on its Superchargers.

Apparently, the number of orders for Tesla cars is now through the roof. Several of Tesla's customers told Tesmanian that they had to wait on the line to connect with a company representative to complete an order for more than an hour. Reports that stores are selling their demo cars further confirm that demand is insane right now.

Similar sales rebates from Tesla have occurred in all of its major markets: the US, China, and Europe. Apparently, the manufacturer has set its sights on a very aggressive Q4 by selling all available cars. Tesla was able to significantly increase vehicle production in Q3 and Q4 this year. In addition to the growth in production capacity of Giga Shanghai, Giga Berlin and Giga Texas are also growing and making a significant contribution to the number of cars produced.

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