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Tesla Model Y Rear Trunk Privacy Cargo Cover (Retractable)
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Tesla Model Y Heckkofferschutz-Privatsphäre Cargo Cover (einziehbar)

      1. Custom Design Retractable Privatsphäreabdeckung, die dem Modell Y Heckkofferraum eine zusätzliche Datenschutzschicht hinzufügen
      2. Einziehbarer Frachtschirm zum einfachen Zugang und Entfernung von Ladungen
      3. Die direkte Snap-On-Hauptstange besteht aus dicker Aluminiumlegierung, stark und langlebig
      4. Einziehbarer Cargo-Bildschirm besteht aus leicht zu reinigendem wasserdichtem Leinwand und verschleißfestem, dauerhaftem Nylonmaterial.
      5. Einfach zu installieren - mit 4 kundenspezifischen geformten Halterungen, die an den Fabrikstätten haften. Bohren ist nicht erforderlich.
      6. Zusätzlich 4 Aufhänger an den Halterungen, um Lebensmittelgeschäftsäcke, Handtaschen und etc zu hängen ... maximieren Sie Ihren Ladungsraum
      7. Fitment: 2020-2021 Tesla Modell Y (5 und 7er Sitzer)
      8. HINWEIS: Für das Modell Y 7-Sitzer muss es installiert werden, wenn der dritte Reihensitze nach unten ist


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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
James Peterson (Eugene, US)
Good addition to the car

Fits and is easy to use

Rolanda Carter (Las Vegas, US)
Cargo Cover

The cargo cover works perfectly in our car. It’s a great addition to our model Y. It was easy to install and seems to be holding up fine.

Jeremy (Naples, US)
Love it

Great product. Very easy to install. Wish Tesla included this with car but this looks like it was always there. Great for privacy.

Satisfied Customer (Cupertino, US)
Tesla Y retractable cover

This is a great product. Excellent build quality combined with a very easy installation. Recommendation: Use duct tape to remove the thin film covering on the adhesive strips on the cargo cover attachments.

Patti (North Hollywood, US)
Easy to install

This was very easy to install and it looks great.

Allen Chiau (Seattle, US)

good value

Paul (Riverside, US)

Tesla Model Y Rear Trunk Privacy Cargo Cover (Retractable)

Corinne Grant (Corte Madera, US)

Tesla Model Y Rear Trunk Privacy Cargo Cover (Retractable)

Mark Rudko (Antelope, US)
Great for privacy, security, and peace of mind

I purchased this a week before my model Y was delivered. The main reason for the purchase was privacy, security, and not worrying about being the next victim of theft/burglary. The setup process was really easy and the price didn’t hurt the wallet. My advice is to first watch the video provided in the products description/photos and the instructions provided with the product. The next step is to take your time and not worry about being product. We make all mistakes so have fun and enjoy it. You should start with the two pieces by the trunk and then the two pieces by the seatbelt. Once you’re done, you push the button to shorten one side to avoid scratching your car and you push the side back out once you align both sides and you snap it into place. Then you’re finished and you’re ready to enjoy your privacy cargo.

My biggest concerns were how the piece next to the drivers side towards the trunk blocks half of the back seat ejector button. I installed the piece correctly and it still restricted me from pushing my back seats down until I moved the piece up a little bit and held it in place. Now its a bit better, I just have to apply some pressure if it doesn’t budge. The second concern was how the two inner pieces had some square indents next to the coat racks. When trying to remove one of the pieces (and realigning the piece) due to a mistake, that inner square was trying to break free so I had a big struggle trying to fix my mistake.

Overall, the product support team was very helpful but told me the piece blocking the back seat ejector was within specs and simply it was my “error of installation”. They provided me a video of how one owner installed their piece and how it didn’t get in the way of the button. So in fairness, I’ll take the blame.

I just tinted my back windows and trunk window to 5% today so now the privacy cargo is a bit useless. Regardless, I’m still going to use this as a secondary form of protection just in case if a theft or burglar was able to somehow see through a 5% tint which I highly doubt… My privacy cargo and my tint gives me all the extra security and privacy without the need to worry. I’ll be confident with this privacy cargo if I have a day where my trunk is loaded with tools and I have to make a quick stop to a hardware store.

Alan Gee (Daly City, US)
easy to install and works great!

the cover is perfect. we feel more comfortable storing stuff in the trunk without having it exposed.