Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Under Screen Storage Tray

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  1. Discover the elegance of our clear under screen storage tray, expertly tailored for Tesla Model Y and Model 3. This ingeniously designed storage solution optimizes storage capacity by utilizing the frequently neglected corner behind the Tesla navigation screen, seamlessly blending with Tesla's minimalist interior aesthetic.
  2. Improved Stability and Non-Slip Construction: Our Tesla Model Y/3 under screen storage tray casing is crafted using top-notch, sturdy, and heat-resistant materials. The upper tray's base is enriched with high-grade silicone, ensuring stability and preventing items from slipping or generating noise. Additionally, the transparent storage compartment beneath the screen is equipped with anti-slip padding to securely anchor stored items in position.
  3. Easy Setup: Bid farewell to messy adhesives and complicated double-sided tapes. Our transparent storage tray employs a user-friendly magnetic suction mechanism. The installation is eco-friendly, time-efficient, and reliable – just align and close the upper and lower sections.
  4. Enhanced Style: The lower storage compartment introduces a fresh design, incorporating high-definition acrylic material for a sleek, vibrant, and stylish appearance that seamlessly harmonizes with the car's interior. The segmented layout within the storage space provides improved item organization, particularly for items like mobile phones. With robust load-bearing capability, the lower transparent storage tray can support up to 8 lbs of weight effortlessly.
  5. Fitment:
  6. 2020-2024 Tesla Model Y (5 or 7 Seater)
  7. 2017 to Jan 2024 Tesla Model 3

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Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
JmanChuck (Oakland, US)
Good quality

The armrest is well made and comfortable. I’m happy with the purchase.

Charles Slatkin (Worcester, US)
Great solution

Delighted with this new storage solution, Lots of new accessible storage and super easy and elegant instant installation.

Scott Higgins (Herriman, US)
Clever storage

The under screen storage from Tasmania is excellent. Quality is great, installation took seconds, and it immediately became a functional part of our cockpit.

David THOMPSON (Edmond, US)

Easy to install. Doesn’t rattle like other accessories.

Rockin Randy (Waterloo, US)

Great item. Easy to install. Just pull the backing off the tape and push it in place under the armrest. Makes use of otherwise unused space.


Didn’t fit my car.

Seulhee Nam (Irvine, US)
They fit perfectly!!!

The left side storage bin fits & settles in very comfortably without much effort. But I struggled to fit the right side storage bin. No matter how hard I pushed it down, it refused to settle at the bottom, and the top edge seemed sqeezed too much creating a wobbly line. I was afraid to damage the bin. Little did I know that, for the right side storage bin, the top right edge of the bin was supposed to sit under the protruding edge of the right side compartment. People should understand the structure of the right side compartment is not the same as the left side. It has a smaller opening and the top right edge has a protruding rim (that is why the shape of the lid and the top edge of the bin won't match up). To fit the right side storage bin properly, you first have to push it down to the point you can stick the top right edge of the bin under the top/right protruding edge of the vehicle compartment. Once you insert the bin edge under the slot, the bin will settle down properly touching the bottom. At first, I thought I received a defective item. Now, the bin fits perfectly, and so is the lid.

Petar Kjosen (Bellingham, US)
Great price, nice floor mats!

Fit well. I like the high edges

Shant Yersian (Brighton, US)
Great fit and design!

great fit and design.

Customer (Morro Bay, US)
Tesla Model Y Trunk Side Storage Trays

A little finesse is required to get the storage trays into the right position. I opted to angle the shelf down and outward to keep s few round items in place. The extra storage space is very nice to have and I’m glad I made the purchase.