Lindblad Expeditions will provide SpaceX Starlink Internet aboard National Geographic cruise ships in the world’s most remote regions

Lindblad Expeditions will provide SpaceX Starlink Internet aboard National Geographic cruise ships in the world’s most remote regions

Lindblad Expeditions is renowned for its pioneering expeditions to the world's wildest and most isolated destinations. It announced on May 24th that it will provide SpaceX's Starlink satellite internet aboard its fleet of National Geographic cruise ships which navigate across the world’s most remote regions. The cruise company provides voyages to some of the greatest scientists and photographers, as well as nature researchers, oceanographers, historian writers, and filmmakers, etc.

Chief Commercial Officer of Lindblad Expeditions Noah Brodsky expressed his excitement about the new internet service, stating: “Our goal has always been to help connect our guests with the off-the-beaten-path destinations around the world and now, with Starlink, we can help them stay connected with their family, friends, and colleagues back home,” said Brodsky. “Starlink will enable up to 10-times faster download speeds over our existing service and enhanced streaming capabilities with full coverage throughout some of our most remote itineraries, like Antarctica, the Canadian Arctic, Svalbard, and Alaska. This enhanced connectivity will also enable even more meaningful research and conservation work for our naturalists, expedition leaders, and the researchers in our Visiting Scientist Program,” he stated. 

Starlink is already being rolled out across Lindblad Expeditions' fleet. Lindblad Expeditions partnered with Speedcast to install SpaceX Starlink aboard its cruise ship fleet. Speedcast engineers are installing a pair of SpaceX flat-panel Starlink Maritime antennas on each ship which are designed to withstand all types of harsh weather conditions at sea. As part of their installation services, Speedcast is integrating Starlink services into its Unified Global Platform which includes its own cellular communication services and other services managed by Speedcast. Passengers can already enjoy high-speed Starlink internet access on multiple vessels including: the National Geographic Venture, National Geographic Quest, National Geographic Sea Bird, National Geographic Sea Lion, National Geographic Explorer, National Geographic Endurance, and National Geographic Resolution.

With the implementation of Starlink, Lindblad Expeditions will introduce three new internet packages. These tiers include a "Basic" package that enables free messaging via apps like "iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, email, and limited social media access," according to cruise representatives. The "Enhanced" package offers general web browsing, social media use, and video calls on platforms like "Zoom and FaceTime." The "Premium" package provides unlimited access to all web browsing, social media, and streaming services. These new tier packages will roll out in late 2023 aboard National Geographic ships.

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Featured Image Source: Lindblad Expeditions - National Geographic

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