Early Production Tesla Model 3 Spotted on Gigafactory 3 Test Track

Tesla-Gigafactory 3

A Tesla Model 3 was spotted in the middle of a test run at Gigafactory 3’s test track in China. Drone operator Wuwa Vision caught the all-electric vehicle on camera doing rounds around the Tesla factory along Jiazhen Road.

Recently, Tesla received certification to produce the Model 3 by government regulators in China—where all businesses must be certified before they can manufacture, produce, sell, and distribute products in the market. Given its recent production certification, the Model 3 seen making rounds around Gigafactory 3 may just be one of the first cars produced in the massive electric car manufacturing facility.

The sighting of a Tesla Model 3 on a test run at Gigafactory 3 may be an indication that the car company’s plans for the site are progressing rather quickly. During the groundbreaking ceremony in January 2019, Elon Musk predicted that Tesla would be doing test runs by the end of December 2019. The recent sighting hints that the company is ahead of schedule by over two months, which is a good sign for current and future investors.

Coincidentally, the same YouTuber who shot the video of an early production Tesla Model 3 on a test run is the same one who discovered the site where Gigafactory 3 would be built in China. Back then, Tesla and the Chinese government had confirmed they would be working together on a factory to manufacture Tesla vehicles, but no one knew exactly where the facility would be built.

There were rumors that Tesla had found a lot, but the location of the said lot was unknown. With some footwork and probably some excellent sleuthing skills, Wuwa Vision found the lot Tesla bought and shot the site’s first aerial footage. He went around the surrounding area, asking people about the lot that was being prepared for construction at the time and shared it on a video via his YouTube Channel. He has since chronicled the rise of Gigafactory 3 on a nearly weekly basis.

Credit: Wuwa Vision/YouTube

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