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Elon Musk Calls for Clear Path to a Sustainable Energy Future with Support of Oil & Gas in Short Term Only

Elon Musk Calls for Clear Path to a Sustainable Energy Future with Support of Oil & Gas in Short Term Only

Elon Musk speaking at the ONS 2022 Energy Conference in Norway on August 29, 2022. Reuters

Elon Musk calls for a clear path to a sustainable energy future, where renewable energy will be the mainstay. The head of Tesla and SpaceX says that for now, during the transition, the world should rely on oil and gas, but only in the short term.

Elon Musk spoke at the ONS 2022 Energy Conference to discuss the problems associated with the world's transition to renewable energy sources. His speech emphasized the importance of working together in order to achieve the set goals. Although Musk is known for being a dreamer, he is also known for making his dreams come true by realistically evaluating the problems that stand in the way of achieving goals and solving them.

Musk has dreamed of seeing a world powered by renewable energy since he was a teenager, and since then, a lot of progress has been made. His Tesla has become one of the main accelerants in the field. However, it is clear that the world is not yet ready for an oil and gas shutdown, and Musk clearly understands this.

Today's realities show that it will take many more years before the world can be powered only by renewable energy sources. Russia's attack on Ukraine underlined the importance of states having their own energy sources, but also showed that the economies of European countries are mostly fueled by oil and gas. Since the world does not yet have enough batteries to store energy, there is a transition ahead that must be supported by oil and gas, but only in the short term.

“One of the biggest challenges the world has ever faced is the transition to sustainable energy and to a sustainable economy. That will take some decades to complete,” Musk said. “Realistically I think we need to use oil and gas in the short term, because otherwise, civilization will crumble,” he added.

“At this time, we actually need more oil and gas, not less,” Musk said Monday during a conference in Norway. At the same time, he emphasized that “we must have a clear path to a sustainable energy future.”

Musk also spoke again about nuclear power and its importance to the global economy, especially at a time of great turmoil in the global energy sector. “If you have a well-designed nuclear plant, you should not shut it down -- especially right now,” he said.

In addition, Musk noted that offshore wind power in the North Sea, in combination with stationary batteries, could become a key source of energy. “It could provide a strong, sustainable energy source in winter,” he said, adding that ocean wind has “massive untapped potential.”

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