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Elon Musk Earns Honor to Be in the Newsweek Disruptors Hall of Fame

Elon Musk Earns Honor to Be in the Newsweek Disruptors Hall of Fame

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Elon Musk is truly a unique person who transforms the lives of all mankind. Whether you love him or hate him, he still tirelessly tries to solve the most difficult problems to ensure the survival of humanity as a species. The head of some of the world's most disruptive companies has earned his honorable place in Newsweek Disruptors Hall of Fame.

Famed engineer Elon Musk won the TIME's and Financial Times' Person of the Year award this week. Following this, the head of Tesla and SpaceX received another honorary title, earning a place in the Newsweek Disruptors Hall of Fame.

According to Newsweek, Musk is arguably the most prolific and revolutionary technologist of the 21st century and has already racked up “an impressive string of firsts or near-firsts.” The publication notes that the engineer had a hand in the creation of a pioneering digital payment system, PayPal, a reusable rocket with SpaceX, which delivers astronauts and supplies to ISS for NASA, as well as the revolutionary car company, Tesla, which played a key role in creating and bringing to market electric vehicles and batteries to store energy obtained from renewable energy sources. Thanks to Musk's efforts, it all went mainstream.

Even more daring projects of the genius are underway: artificial-intelligence enhancements to the human brain via Neuralink, and high-speed public transit tunnels that will solve traffic problems in big cities, with The Boring Company and Hyperloop. The crowning achievement of his ambition is to send humans to Mars and establish the first settlement outside of Earth there.

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