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Elon Musk Thanks Tesla Community For Keeping The Fight For Sustainability Alive


Elon Musk thanked the Tesla community for keeping the fight for sustainability alive. It has been a long hard road and a tough journey--which isn’t exactly at its end--but Musk spared some time to show his appreciation to the people that stuck by him and did anything in their power to help.

“To those who quietly help advance the causes we mutually believe in, knowing advancing the cause is the only reward: thank you,” wrote Elon Musk to the people who continue to support him. 

The Tesla community has often been compared to a cult, where people blindly follow a single person—who usually don’t have their best interest in mind. In a cult, information or lack thereof is paramount. The less people know, the more control the leader of a cult usually has over them. 

Ironically, the majority of people in the Tesla community are well-informed and seek to dispel any FUD about Elon Musk and the companies he leads, including SpaceX and the Boring Company. When Elon Musk thanked those “who quietly help advance the causes,” he was speaking to these people.

Each Tesla enthusiast spreads correct information about Tesla in their own way, whether it be YouTube, a blog, or helping at delivery centers when extra hands are needed. So if the Tesla community were a cult, then it would be the smartest one around because the people in it don’t blindly follow Elon Musk.

We are well-informed. We don’t just listen and seek answers from Elon Musk, either. We are active participants. We offer up ideas, suggestions, and critiques to help the causes we support. People compare us--people who are passionate about Elon Musk’s companies--to cult followers, don’t realize we aren’t just sheep.

The people that make up the Tesla community are the foundation of the causes Elon Musk supports. As such, they do anything in their power to help.

Our self-appointed Pope of Muskanity said it best in his direct tweet to Elon Musk: “We just want to reiterate that this entire community is behind you. We love you just as much as you love us.”

To the Tesla community, Elon Musk is a hero. But even heroes need their rest. And the Tesla community is there for Elon Musk to keep the fight alive and carry the burden if he ever needs to rest his shoulders from the weight of the world.

Featured Image Credit: tesla.club.romania/Instagram

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