Tesla Giga Texas Shifts into Elon Speed with 24/7 Construction Crews, Could Test Production by May 2021

Tesla Giga Texas Shifts into Elon Speed with 24/7 Construction Crews, Could Test Production by May 2021

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When it comes to building a factory, Tesla is second to none. The company builds a facility and launches production on it in a matter of months. The speed of construction of Giga Shanghai has amazed even the most inveterate critics, with Giga Berlin, Tesla has bolstered the confidence of the masses, and Giga Texas will do something even more mind-blowing than what the company has done before. Now the construction of the new American Gigafactory will continue at double the productivity.

Jeff Roberts/YouTube reports that Tesla has approved three crew shifts to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The implementation of this innovation began immediately after the announcement, which means that now the construction is actually going on without interruption and will be completed much faster than expected.

In addition to increasing the number of working hours to the maximum, apparently, Tesla intends to use new construction methods that will save even more time. As noted a few days ago, in parallel with the installation of the supports, the roof frame is being installed, which distinguishes the construction process from Giga Berlin.

Source: Jeff Roberts/YouTube

In mid-September, hridge2020/Tesla Motors Club posted documents that Tesla included in the “Travis County Colorado River Project Partner Pre-Qualification Presentation”, listed on the City of Austin website. There, the company posted a construction schedule, according to which, it can be concluded that Tesla is seeking 'lightning speed' for construction and the start of production at Giga Texas.

This graph shows that, at the end of December, buildings will be built on the site, and will be sheltered from the effects of the environment (wind, rain, etc.). This also means that, at this stage, internal work can begin, including the installation of production equipment.

Thus, by May 1, the building will enter the First Substantial Completion stage. Substantial completion is the stage when a construction project is deemed sufficiently completed to the point where the owner can use it for its intended purpose. Some construction professionals call it practical completion.

In other words, at this stage, the test production could already begin.

Local officials and companies are admiring the speed of construction. “We are excited to see Tesla moving at ‘The Speed ​​of Elon’ and the tremendous progress already made at the site,” said Charisse Bodisch, the chamber's senior vice president of economic development.


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