SpaceX Starlink hardware is now available at a Costco store in Japan

SpaceX Starlink hardware is now available at a Costco store in Japan

Starlink, the revolutionary satellite internet service operated by Elon Musk's SpaceX, has taken a bold step by introducing its products in physical retail stores for the first time. This strategic move aims to increase accessibility to its cutting-edge technology and cater to a broader consumer base. Reports from social media and Impress, a respected Japanese publication, confirmed that a recently opened Costco store in Kadoma, situated in the picturesque Osaka Prefecture of Japan, has begun selling Starlink's standard hardware in-store. 

According to information from Impress, interested customers can now acquire Starlink's hardware kit for ¥36,500, approximately equivalent to $250. This package includes not only the essential components needed to set up the service but also a notable bonus. Buyers will receive ¥13,200 (around $91) in subscription usage credits, enhancing the appeal of the offering. These credits are flexible, applicable to both "Starlink's Residential" service monthly payment, which is tailored for fixed locations, and the Roam mode which enables internet use anywhere across the globe.



Starlink's standard hardware has been designed to cater to a range of online activities. From video calls that bridge distances to seamless online gaming experiences and uninterrupted streaming, the hardware facilitates everyday internet usage. Moreover, Starlink has not limited itself to just providing connectivity within the confines of a home. The company has developed high-performance hardware that ensures users stay connected even while on the move.

This landmark move into retail demonstrates Starlink's intention to bring its services closer to potential users, making it easier for them to embrace the benefits of satellite internet. Impress's report revealed that this Costco location in Kadoma is just the beginning. Starlink aims to expand the availability of its products to an impressive 32 additional stores in the near future.

The significance of this move is underscored by the fact that this marks the first time that Starlink's products have been physically present on store shelves. Until now, customers had been primarily relying on online purchases for their Starlink needs. This transition to physical retail demonstrates Starlink's confidence in its hardware and its desire to reach customers through multiple avenues. The Home Depot and Best Buy in the United States offer Starlink hardware on their website to be delivered to the store, as previously reported by TESMANIAN

As of May, Starlink reported a subscriber base exceeding 1.5 million, a testament to its growing popularity. Its services are now accessible across 48 states and an impressive 55 countries, underlining its global reach. With the introduction of physical retail sales at Costco Japan, Starlink continues to break new ground in expanding its service accessibility and presence. This pioneering approach reflects the company's commitment to transforming the way the world accesses the internet, making connectivity seamless and reliable, even in the most remote corners of the planet.

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