Rumor: Tesla Signed a $436M Deal with Samsung to Supply Camera Modules, Presumably for Cybertruck

Rumor: Tesla Signed a $436M Deal with Samsung to Supply Camera Modules, Presumably for Cybertruck

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According to rumor, Tesla has made a $436 million deal with Samsung to supply camera modules. The "largest US EV maker" is reported to have struck a deal with Samsung to complete a new car that does not have side mirrors and has eight driving cameras, prompting speculation that this is for Cybertruck.

On July 13, early in the morning, The Korea Economy Daily reported that Samsung signed a $436 million deal to supply top US electric vehicle maker with camera modules for a new model. Although "Tesla" and "Cybertruck" names were not featured in the post, all information provided hinted that the deal was signed with the Californian manufacturer for its new pickup truck.

The agency said Samsung Electro-Mechanics has won a $435.7 million deal to supply for the "largest US EV maker" with camera modules. This indicates that they are talking specifically about Tesla, which is the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles not only in the United States but in the world. The article also stated that camera modules would be supplied for "a new EV, which gives drivers a rear view through a camera equipped on the car, as the model does not have side mirrors." This makes it clear that they are talking about Cybertruck, which, today, is the only model that will soon be launched into mass production and does not have side mirrors.

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The article also states that camera modules will be supplied for "the EV [that] has more than eight cameras for self-driving purposes." It also clearly points to Tesla, which is the only one in the industry to equip its cars with cameras to make them self-driving. Therefore, all the information described in the article can be safely attributed to Tesla and Cybertruck.

If this is true, then the signing of the deal indicates that the Californian manufacturer is actively preparing for the start of production of the electric pickup, which is to begin in Giga Texas. Tesla plans to produce several batches of Cybertruck in 2021, with mass production due to begin in 2022.

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