Stolen Tesla Model 3 Was Quickly Found Thanks to App & GPS Position

Stolen Tesla Model 3 Was Quickly Found Thanks to App & GPS Position

Photo: Ersan Guenes

A Tesla Model 3 stolen in Germany was quickly found by police. The vehicle's location was quickly determined using the Tesla App and GPS Position; after that, the hijackers were taken into custody by police.

Stealing a Tesla car is an extremely difficult task, but some thieves manage to gain access to the car by illegal actions. However, once this is discovered by the owner, the vehicle's location will be quickly found thanks to the Tesla App and GPS Position, making it nearly impossible for the vehicle to be stolen forever.

Ersan Guenes shared his story on Twitter. According to his story, while he was at an event when his Tesla Model 3 was stolen. Leaving the building where the event was held and not finding his car, Guenes thought it had been towed. The owner checked the location of the car with the Tesla App and saw that it was moving at over 99 miles per hour, which immediately disproved the version that the Model 3 had been towed. Guenes immediately called the police, explained the situation and gave the location of his car.

As it turns out, the thieves were able to steal the owner's card key, which made it possible for them to start the car and drive away in it. While the owner was at the event, he did not know that his car was stolen, which gave the thieves the opportunity to drive off and commit several more traffic violations.

After the police received a wake-up call and were told the location of the car, they immediately drove out and detained the two suspects. A 21-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy, who is wanted as a missing person, are suspected of stealing a white Model 3. The police found that the man did not have a driver's license. During the time the hijackers were driving, they twice significantly exceeded the speed limit and twice ran a red traffic light. In addition, the left side of the car body and the rims were damaged, indicating an accident, however, its circumstances are yet to be clarified.

It should be noted that the car was found and confiscated from the criminals in just over two hours. This is made possible by the fact that all Tesla vehicles are connected to the company's App, via which the owner has full access to information about the vehicle, including its location. Thus, the owner can track their car at any moment, which makes it not a very attractive target for theft. However, owners of Tesla cars sometimes face similar situations, sometimes their key card is stolen, and there have been cases when the car was stolen at gunpoint. But, the result of all these crimes was the same: the owner tracked the location of the car and transmitted the data to the police, who detained the suspects.

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