Tesla Makes Prices More Affordable for Base Model 3 & Model Y, Stays True to its Mission

Tesla Makes Prices More Affordable for Base Model 3 & Model Y, Stays True to its Mission

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The most affordable and most popular Tesla vehicles are getting another price cut. The company continues to work to make its vehicles more affordable to the masses, so it is trimming the prices for the base Model 3 and Model Y in the US, making them even more desirable to buy.

Tesla has slashed prices for its Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUV base variants. The price for Model 3 Standard Range Plus was cut by $1,000 to $36,990 (from $37,990), while the price for Model Y Standard Range was decreased by $2,000 to $39,990 (from $41,990).

Such price reduction becomes possible because, with each passing year, Tesla further optimizes its production processes, efficiency, and use of innovative developments to create high-performance and affordable EVs. For example, in the production of Model Y, Giga Press is used, which produces the rear end in the form of a single-piece cast, which replaces 70 parts that were previously required. This manufacturing process reduced the number of parts, but also reduced manufacturing costs by 40%.

Tesla is constantly developing new working methods, materials, and processes that aim to reduce costs and make cars available to a wider audience. As soon as the new 4680 battery cells begin to be mass-produced, this will further affect the price of cars, potentiating an even lower price point.

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