How to Build an Awesome Baby Tesla Cybertruck (VIDEO)


YouTubers from the channel Flite Test made their own baby Tesla Cybertrucks. Josh—one of the channel's influencers—was so excited for the CYBRTRK he couldn't wait to get his in two years. So he built his own, and made baby Cybertrucks for his friends, too.

Flite Test doesn't usually make car models. It's a channel that focuses on flight and seems to attract people that are passionate about aircraft and the like. But for one video, the creators of Flite Test "grounded" themselves. 

To make their baby Cybertrucks, Josh cut out the stainless steel exoskeleton's shape out of Maker Foam. Flite Test's Maker Foam is waterproof and translucent, which can come in handy for DIY projects. 


Credit: Flite Test/YouTube

Flite Test sells Maker Foam on its website. A 25-piece pack of regular Maker Foam costs US$99 and a 15-piece pack of thin Maker Foam costs US$120.

They carved each baby Cybertruck's body on the Maker Foam, then cut it out much like the real truck's exoskeleton is cut out of a 30X stainless steel sheet. They explain how they cut and designed their baby Cybertrucks in their video. 

Then they placed the small CYBRTRK bodies on top of RC chassis. In the end, they tested three baby Cybetrucks against a typical Chevy RC truck—although many people in the comments said it was actually a Ford truck. 


 Credit: Flite Test/YouTube

One of the trucks mimicked the real-life version almost to the tee. It had functional white headlights in the front and red brake lights in the back, just like the ones on the real Cybertruck. The second variant was called the Warthog, which is inspired by the truck in Halo, which, in turn, partly inspired Elon Musk in his design for the Cybertruck.  

Lastly, the third looked just like the real Cybertruck with some design flaws. It had a chubby frame, but like Tesla, the YouTubers persevered, learned from their mistakes, and then made the first two mentioned previously.

Flite Tested drove their baby Cybertrucks and the Chevy/Ford RC through grass, sand, and even a muddy pond. They also paid tribute to the real Cybertruck's tug-o-war with Ford's F-150. Their top-tier baby Cybertruck—the one with the lights—went against the old-fashioned truck in a tug-of-war battle, and it won just like its real-life version. The top-tier baby Cybertruck also endured a daredevil 0-60 speed test. 


 Credit: Flite Test/YouTube

YouTuber Josh from Flite Test said one topic dominated Thanksgiving dinner this year, and it was the Cybertruck. When Josh saw the CYBRTRK's unveiling, he immediately liked it. Needless to say, he put down that US$100 to preorder Elon Musk's pickup truck.

Josh explained his reasons for reserving Tesla's all-electric pickup. In the same YouTube video that he builds the baby Cybertruck, he said that the truck's look didn't really matter to him—although he did like the vehicle's outward appearance. However, Josh emphasized that he was drawn to the CYBRTRK because it was functional and innovative, both opinions that have spread throughout the Tesla community and outside it, too. 

Featured Image Credit: Flite Test/YouTube

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